Urinal based mirth

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by HantsTiger, Jan 7, 2005.

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  1. After what could be accurately described 'heavy' night, I found myself enjoying a game of what can only be described as "urinal hockey" with my mates. Two teams of four stand at a long trough urinal and must force the various objects within the trough (fag butts, urinal cakes, bits of chewing gum etc.) into the other team's 'gutter area' at each end using only their powerful steaming, beer smelling piss. Great fun had by all. Any other ideas/experiences?
  2. This is probably an entirely innocent pastime but you must be careful not to 'cross swords' as this would be a breach of good taste and decency.

    are extra points gained for breaking a fag end up and eventually peeling the paper off??
  3. Isnt crossing swords perfectly acceptable in the RN? was at a matelot wedding where after challenging booties to a boat race of shots two submariners were seen sword fighting in the heads after.

    Theres some little balls you can buy in some pubs that you pour into the "single man pizser" and then have to demolish them with wazz forget what they are called but a load of us purchased such items and after a count down went ahead and tried to out gun our oppos and a frock was adjudicating.

  4. Its hard to play that with a pierced cock as I spray like a showerhead, but the bonus is I can smash pint glasses with one swipe of my bellend
  5. Whatever turns you on tiger.
  6. :roll: again, I stress this is a strictly non contact sport :D
  7. Can you lift a 24 pack with it?
  8. What with you and Mr Cait, I'm slowly casting a novelty bukkake video... :D
  9. I thought you had foresworn "The Devil's Own Madness Juice" as a result of personal unpleasantness?
  10. No telling what you would try to force into these babies then???

  11. sharing a toilet is fine but it's a bit like ghostbusters if you cross beams your ballsack explodes