Urgently looking to help in Haiti- Volunteering/Advice?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rogue_trader, Jan 15, 2010.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    If you have been watching the news you will see that in Haiti that there has been a huge earthquake this week.

    I have been asking around aid agencies and finding out if they need help. A lot of them are more than willing to put their hand out for money but not for help!

    Its a bit sad really, because, I have been working in the Charity circles over the last few years and although they do some good, a lot of them are complete cons- I wont name names or chariities but, Before you donate money to a charity ask yourself (or even better them, but you wont get a answer!) What the salaries of the top brass are, and can they give you a copy of their expenses accounts (think 'bently' and 'company car' in the same sentance)

    Im fustrated, becuase, I have about 40 tons of kit that I have collected to prepare for a disaster and spoken to charities now there is a need offering them about 20,000 pounds of clothing, blankets, etc for free.....and all they have said is 'we dont deal with that' but you are wlecome to go make some money for us......

    Well, I have a container full of clothing and I would like to get it to Haiti. I would love to get some medical supplies in there too. I would like to have a group of RAMC guys who want to go and help. Id like to have some RLC guys who know about logistics go and help me distribute it. Or even infantry guys. the TA and reservists who have the training, could have it put to some use.

    I dont want any money I just want to help, But i need some help as I dont know what I am doing. I have the kit ready to ship, I some ideas people of how to get it there. The charities Ive contacted dont even want to tell me what to do or ho to help so im going to do it me f*(cking self.

    Please help.
  2. Oh as an example, have a look at this photo;



    thats a 40ft trailer full of bales of clothes and blankets, that I collected this summer. They are currently in storage.

    I can have this stuff in a shipping container within 24 hours of notice that I have a destination for the stuff......

    if anyone has any contacts in the UN aid service or the DEC maybe they could get some information to me about any foward bases the UK disaster relief team has set up over there, Just saw on the news that the people in Haiti are 'fustrated' about the slow speed of aid, no suprise when you call agencies and offer them something like this they say they would settle for a £25 donation....hopeless

    anyway Rant off from me I look foward to any replies.
  3. I see a problem here, unless the govt decides to send troops to help then serving soldiers cant go, they would be serving soldiers on duty in a foriegn land, that would be an invasion/merc situation, they would need permission to go from our govt and clearence to go from the Haiti govt, whole process takes a good 8 weeks to get through.

    Also in this day and age, if they arent on deployment then the chances are they have just come back or in training to go.

    As for the TA, they wouldnt be able to go as TA for the same reasons as the Regs and if they wanted to go as civvies then they would have to give up work, many employers are not happy with having to release TA personnel to go on ops and keep their jobs open for them, you can imagine their reply if asked to do the same for an unauthorised trip to Haiti!
  4. Could the clothing and blankets be given to the needy in the UK?
  5. how are you going to get the kit there? By sea? by the time youve sorted a ship and got it to the docks and it makes the passage across the ocean itll be all over. Plus youve got the docking the other side to contend with, not to mention the cost of it all.

    By air? watch the news, theres loads on it about the airspace over the place.

    leave it to the professionals, as said above, use the kit youve collected for those closer to home, youll get a better reaction for it.
  6. I've done some of that, please take into account-

    1. a lot of the clothing I have there is summer clothing, which is no use in this climate

    2. there is not that many 'needy' people here in the UK VS 4.3 million possibly displaced in hati.

    3. Ever been told to 'f*Sk off its got a f*"king hole in it what do you take me for by the way spare any change' when offering your coat to a homeless person? Even the homeless in this country have 'standards'

    4. I ran a scheme and advertised that people who had a genuine need could come and get free clothing from our warehouse, I had people turn up in 07-08 reg cars, slobs in people carriers, greedy eyed ebay sellers, pciking through stuff looking for designer labels, all turn up and go through clothing looking for 'only the best' and teenage mothers comming over saying 'you got any baby gap for me kid innit'- if I could have said one person/family had come, been happy toget something, anything, for free, and teary-eyed, shook my hand and thanked me from the bottom of their heart, I would say it was worth it, But not one person that came ever took the time to even come into the office and say thanks......from about 200 visits I had in reply to the advert I saw not one person in 'genuine need'

    When the UK stops being so ungrateful, maybe it would be worth helping people here, of course I never turn away a genuine person who needs help but just dont come across them here very often!
  7. [/quote]

    how are you going to get the kit there? By sea? by the time youve sorted a ship and got it to the docks and it makes the passage across the ocean itll be all over. Plus youve got the docking the other side to contend with, not to mention the cost of it all.

    By air? watch the news, theres loads on it about the airspace over the place.

    leave it to the professionals, as said above, use the kit youve collected for those closer to home, youll get a better reaction for it.[/quote]

    When you say it will all be over, are you under the impression that after an earthquake, it takes just days to repair? Chances are Haiti will still need aid 2-3 years from now.

    it takes 2 weeks to ship aid by sea. It can port in the dominican replubic and be shipped to the boarder by road.

    When you say leave it to the professionals, I would, but the professionals, as you call them, are more interested in creaming for their own pockets and not in donations.

    Thanks for the armchair comment of 'how hard it is and why it cant be done' you go fix yourself a cup of tea and snuggle up in front of the TV.

    As far as Im concerned there is no such thing as a problem only a challenge so hopefully someone who can help me make a solution will comment/offer help at some stage on this post.

    PS I do offer kit for people closter to home- see my last response- would you offer your time to distribute clothing to homeless people in your town? I can have you started tomorrow?
  8. This is a bit of a catch 22- I was thinking of TA or ex regs that dont have a full time job- out of 35,000 people there must be a few- only 4-5 people are needed!

    I was not expecting people to go 'as soldiers' just taking the skills with them learned- to help out somewhere.

    Im sure something is possible.
  9. They lost their houses, not the shirts off their backs. Although looking at the dodgy 80s T shirts that they all appear to wear, perhaps a new wardrobe is in order?
  10. you telling me then that if your house was flattened that your wardrobe of well ironed shirts would make it out of the rubble?

    If you cant get to the body of your uncle not going to be able to get clothes either.

    thats if, the one pair of clothes that you own, thats on your body, is not crusted in your/someone elses blood, dirt, mud, dust, sweat, etc.

    Although I must say I didnt know they had already had 80's T shirts there they must have had some of the better shipments, Im just preparing a load of flared jeans and open neck shirts....

  11. That's because it's FAR more effective to buy the aid locally and employ locals to distribute it than ship 2nd hand gash that's usually unsuitable half way round the world along with a lot of feel good 'volunteers'…
  12. Then they can wash them, it will give them something to do in between looting and raping which seems to be the main priority of a large section of the population currently.
  13. True about the voulenteers. Most of them are just self fulfilling gap yearers who want some facebook photos to get new friends. (im sure im setting myself up here but anyway...) However- Wah on the buy locally. If thats the case just call up the local tescos pharmacy in port au prince and offer to buy all the survivors an aspirin and then another call to the Central Asdas supply depot in Haiti and buy them some clothes? Think about it.

    RAPID UK, a well respected UK search and rescue organisation send tents from China!
  14. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    Have you tried Emmaus in the UK http://www.emmaus.org.uk/ or if you want gratitude, try this lot http://reach2romania.org.uk/. I know the people that run it and they're totally genuine. My lad went out to help with the Summer Camps a couple of times and it really woke him up to how other people live.

    Haiti will get loads of help now because it's in the news. Real help is the day-in-day-out that organisations like Emmaus and the Fundatje provide.

    GOod luck, and don't lose motivation!
  15. You've clearly not seen my wardrobe.

    My uncle was put under my patio for a reason, I'd like him to remain there.

    Flares??? Quality! Send them my way!