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  1. Ok, on my kitlist it says running trainers are useful items i may wish to bring but they are not crucial.
    I was going to take them anyway but i foolishly left them at somones house yesterday (and they live quite far away), and i am starting training tomorrow.
    Is it best to take them or will it not matter?
  2. you will get silver shadows given to you.
  3. So i wont need trainers before they are issued?
  4. If the kit list says trainers then you should have trainers.
  5. Have they reverted back to Silver Shadows? I thight thery'd binned them for those green looking trainers?
  6. What happened to pumps, like schools used to offer :lol:

    You'll need to take a pair of trainers, because you do a 1.5 mile run around mid week before you get your kit.
  7. 2 off my friends have started phase 1 training in the last 3 weeks and both have told me not to purchase a pair of running shoes as the army will not let you use them you will get issued with all of your kit including silver shadows on tuesday or wednesday before you do your 1.5 mile run and other tests hope this helps.
  8. Thanks mate.