Urgent VM(A) help needed

Discussion in 'REME' started by wibblefishbanana, Feb 5, 2013.

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  1. I have just received an invite to tender for the contract for servicing of the BFG A vehicle fleet (automotive). Included in this ITT is a requirement to give estimated hours for specific servicing tasks. Being an ex tech, and having very little experience with black hand mastery I find myself at a loss as how to provide an accurate estimate.

    My company is keen to win this contract, and if we get it we will open up mutliple employment opportunities for ex VM's that are living in BFG, or VM's that are in the redundancy bracket and wish to settle in BFG.

    So what do I need? A volunteer that can accurately estimate task man hours based upon experience on the current A vehicle fleet (automotive only).

    If you can help, please PM me your email address and I will forward 6 documents (in word format).

    Many thanks in advance
  2. Don't the vehicle manufacturers publish standard times for various service tasks?

    Haven't a clue where you could track this down, if you're in the business you might know where to start.
  3. Just do what DSG do, work out how how long it will take to do it very slowly, then square it.
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  4. Interesting. A company is keen to tender for a lucrative contract but has no experience in the specific area, and doesn't currently appear to have the current resources to undertake the contract should they win it.

    Just make it up, most MOD tenders are a work of fiction anyway
  5. The company that I work for is very experienced in this field. What we do not have, at this moment is specific knowledge of the equipment in question - hence the reason as to why several job opportunities will open up.
  6. Don't forget the chin stroking and the slow, noisy inhale.
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  7. Has the customer provided a list of what the specifics of the servicing tasks are? As far as I can see only by extracting every single automotive task from the 601's for each level of service required would you stand a chance of getting any where close for any guestimate.
    Plus if my memory serves me correctly the 601's and 532's provide the task time matrices somewhere? It been a while so memory a little fuzzy. Good luck!
  8. You have all needed urgent help for many years, try Netley!!
  9. Did I read that right? A tech just said "black hand mastery"?
  10. Worked for DSG and can work for anyone!!

    and don't forget to add a nice hefty fee on for a Post Design Service contract as well, to wrp up all those loose ends
  11. What is the specifics PM me and ill have a look.