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I want to book a resettlement course, however the package comes with accomodation charged @£915 for 13 nights. I am aware that this exceeds the £55 you can claim for non-CHBS accomodation. I can't go through CHBS for this.

The food charge for 13 days is £250, and again I am aware that the £21.50 covers this for the duration of the course, however the £250 only cover breakfast, lunch and refreshments and not an evening meal.

A friend of mine at an RAF station has been reliably informed that he can claim back the full amount of accomodation if it is part of the whole resettlement package/course. In addtion he has been told that because there is no evening meal included he can also claim £16.50 per evening meal.

My RAO fekked me off, the also contacted Bde who also fekked me off.

I stand to fork out over £800 to complete the course, he doesn't incur any personal cost.

Any ideas who is right and who is wrong???


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Why can you not book the accom via CHBS?? I take it either there is mil accom avail nearby you can stay in so you dont wish to otherwise you are entitled to accom via CHBS surely....at the Residential rate of £53 per night or £75 for non residential.
I'd suggest going via your RCMO or IERO but then again...good luck!! It really is shi ite when unit policies vary so greatly; try attending a cse at Aldershot where seniors have to stay ina mess but juniors get a hotel!!


I take it you are on ressettlement that incurrs the complete package (course costs, accn, food) PM me.

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