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I booked a resettlement course, accomodation charged @£915 for 13 nights. The course is residentail and non-negotiable. I am aware that this exceeds the £55 per night for private accomodation that I could claim. I can't go through the CHBS route either for this.

Food comes in at £250 (breakfast, lunch and drinks - no evening meal) for the 13 days.

I also have to register with a professonal body, pay for exams (some monies I can recover with the ILC grant).

All in all I stand to stump up about £800 for this course......the plot thickens.

A friend serving at an RAF station has been told that he can get ALL of his acommodation charges paid for if it comes as part of the whole resettlement course package. He has also been told that he can claim an additional £16.50 per day to make up the cost of an evening meal.

I can't these rules anywhere - do they exist, my RAO seems to think not as does my Bde Admin Office.

Can anyone confirm or dispel these suggestions.

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