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Discussion in 'REME' started by Crafty990, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. I desperately need a REME buckle to go on a white belt and when i say desperate, I mean for the weekend. Can anyone help?
  2. there was one on ebay about 2 days ago, search for reme
  3. If your in the UK and can get to Arborfield try the REME Association Shop 0118 9763223 or Corp kit agency 0118 9763452
  4. Failing that and you are in UK - i think Tidworth Tailors in camp will help you out! Can't provide number though - sorry! Ring any of the unit G/rooms for help. Good luck
  5. Cheers, got on to the corp kit agency. £26 abit pricey though.
  6. He DID say he was desparate though........getting married next weekend?
  7. Thats for a stable belt, not for white ceremonial belts.
    But what the heck! Who would know?
  8. Tailors at Bicester is always a good bet. He's on the Mil phone net
  9. At least after the ceremony he can shine up the pricey belt and put it on his mantlepiece as a keepsake!

    Or smack his new wife around the napper at the first sign of her chopsing off after he comes in mingin' with the boys etc etc...................
  10. I could have rented it but I figured if I bought it, I could rent it out to the blokes in the future for a slab or so. I actually need it for a funeral, pads are losers, single soldier the way ahead.
  11. Hark at you!!!!
  12. so young and yet so wise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    clearly a promising career awaits this young soldier

    :twisted: :twisted:
  13. Perhaps he likes to "shovel the chocolate up north"???
  14. Well I know for a fact that you enjoy packing that fudge, so maybe you should both get together next time you're over.......