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hi troops, i have abit of a problem and an ethical dylema on my hands.

i purchased some items for a mate who is about to deploy to the sandpit,
i bought them on ebay from one individual, the postage on each individual item was not bad,i asked the bloke to combine postage on all the items to save money, he said that he would. :thumright:

i paid him through paypal, the full amount for postage as it wouldn't let me change the amount. emailed the seller to tell him and he said no worries il refund you the difference once the price is known. spot on mate says i. :highfive:

package turns up, postage is uber cheap, contact seller to confirm arrival and confirm amount to be refunded, gat a swift email back and get told to fook off and wind me neck in. now i got a bargain and am not complaining about that,and i know ebay rules on postage etc etc. it was the fact that this bloke is serving/ex and had such a cheek,
now i cant do anything about it on ebay and like i said i know the rules on postage and bidding.

he has made a major breach of persec and has also broke queens regs in another big way, uber big if you ask me. :pissedoff:

now my question is do i let him know that i know all about him, im not worried about the money anymore, it was his abusive emails that got me, and tell him to be more polite to his elders and that this should be a lesson to him. :threaten:

do i track him down and give him a shoeing, dry bum him or something that takes his fancy.

report him up through the cofc as a money stealing + all the other crap little scrote, thing is i've never grassed on anyone.

if anyone wants to know more, then please pm, you might be able to confirm whether he is still serving.

opinions,abuse(as usual) is all welcome. :frustrated:


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On second thoughts, I think i'll edit this post. Thinking about it from as much of a non-pissed state of mine I am currently able to, I think that it's just best not to bid on ebay at all.

Unless someone is selling a crate for about 50p and can get it posted to me in the next 10 minutes.
u_didnt_c_me_i_wasnt_ther said:
i paid him through paypal, the full amount for postage as it wouldn't let me change the amount.

opinions,abuse(as usual) is all welcome. :frustrated:

If you can pay by paypal, then all you do is ask him for his paypal email addy, nip into your paypal account and pay thru there, not thru the ebay screen. Go back on ebay then mark as payment sent. It aint hard to do.. remember that next time... :thumright: :shakefist:

Chalk it up to experience and carry on jogging.

As for the scrote, Let it slide... Life's too short and he's clearly younger than you and'll kick the crap out of you.. :thumright:
Sounds like a one sided story to me.

Someone just launching into a tirade of abuse without provocation?

You got the kit you wanted and at a very good price, so in the grand scheme of things you were up, then you get upset because you can't improve your lot by a few pennies extra, then you come on here looking for help as if the boys are going to get in mini-bus drive round and teach the guy a lesson.

What PERSEC has he breached? Yours? How?

If he has disclosed his own name and details within the public domain that is entirely upto him it is his PERSONAL SECURITY.

You're post is missing lots of details that maybe would stop you from looking so foolish.
flashy check your pm mate, see if you agree with me???

fatbadge, i did pay through the normal way ,i have chalked it up

dinger, no abuse, i know it all sounds one sided but all i did was e-mail this gadgee to see if we would stick to his word, he knew the score from the start, that it was for some muckers and was fine to offer discount on postage. yes i did get a bargain,like i said


As the seller is showing a lack of resprect I think you should give him a shoeing and then dry bum him, or lube him up with a bit of blood, and of course search his pockets and claim back your postage.


Have you ever thought about going onto the ebay forum and ask other ebay geeks for there advice on how to recover you loss?
You could be a real cnut and claim not to have recieved the said items and claim ALL your money back.

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