Urgent - Powerpoints req


Just been told (10 mins ago)I'm working with the recruits at the weekend and really need a couple of powerpoint presentations....

Does anyone have a presentation on badges of rank, and arms and services of the British Army. I'll happily trade some of my third rate, knocked up in an hour presentations...

Any help would be much appreciated!


Try and repost in just TA or ACF I have nothing, but the badges of rank is one of the first lessons for cadets (young relative just joined, probably not 5.56 as he is, and has been for some time been banned from net for porn offences). :D

Anyone else able to help??
thats not much use as is shows the ranks as used on the shoulders ,not the present day rank slidesas used on the C95
I have a home made version showing the rnaks on the C95 if you can wait a few days
Thanks a lot, lads...

Used a PDF file I foud on t'internet for the badges of rank, and arms and services ended up being done by someone else....

Much appreciated...


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