Urgent Passport Problems!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by whiterthanwhite, Nov 20, 2007.

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  1. My mong head of a son who's just finished basic is due to join his unit overseas very soon.

    Whilst sorting out his final admin it was found that he's not yet in possession of a UK Passport. He was told by the Admin Clerk that he should go to his local passport office whilst on leave and put in a same day/fast track application. Bit difficult trying that one as since June this year they're not available for first time applicants due to the new "interview" process.

    Yesterday he was running round like the proverbial blue arrsed fly trying to get things sorted (serves him right for not getting it sorted sooner). The quickest way for him to apply (as advised by the Passport Advice Line) was to use the check and send service which he's done.

    What else is there he can do? I had thought of sending him along to the Admin Office at our local Army Base to ask for a NATO Travel Order, but will the airline/passport control etc etc at the Airport accept that?

  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Mrs T_B_S washed mine whilst I was on R & R from Telic
    Went to the passport office with forms filled in picked passport up that afternoon
    Probably the fastest way for him

    However if he is posted from his unit to a overseas unit the Army should supply him with all the required documentation
    It's not for you to be doing that clerks job
    They should be able to get him a passport sharpish if required
    I would contact the unit cheif clerk asap
  3. Or failing that a NATO travel order which should get him pretty much anywhere he is going to be based for a first posting.

    It can be actioned immediately -ish.

    I suspect though someone other than your son has ballsed up, as basic admin should have picked up the lack of a passport day 1 week 1 and got on top of it. hence him being sent to find one double quick (clerical arrse covering) before the powers at be are presented with said travel order and want to know why.

    I rekon it will go something like this,

    CO talks sternly at RAO............ RAO has a Hissy Fit at Docs Supr ............Both RAO and Docs Scream at deafening levels at Coy Clerk......................Coy Clerk :crying: :crying: :crying:
  4. Thanks for the info TBS, though as it's his first ever passport he can't just turn up at the passport office - see here: http://tinyurl.com/2k9rud

    Just hope they don't decide that they wish to interview him - might have a difficult job!!! lol

  5. Cheers TFR, hopefully the NATO travel order can be sorted sharpish for him.

    I'm just surprised that Coy Clerks aren't up to date with the new rules for first time passport applications, especially those that work at Recruit Training Establishment level.

  6. Day one Week One stuff Nato Travel Order the way ahead, unless he is posted to France!

    If on Charter flight they will be used to them, if not then may take a bit longer but eventually all will be okay. If travelling RAF you may get a withering look as you do not have several exotic stamps and a Samsonite Suitcase set.

    Unit can resolve Passport issue when he is there, Good Luck
  7. Thanks for the replies all.

    Son now has NATO Travel Order sorted courtesy of Regt in situ at local establishment.

  8. It may be worth while speaking to the Movers at the departure and arrival airfields just to get the warm and fluffy so to speak.

    Just a thought, where is he going? it may have an impact on what he needs to fly with. If as stated before he is on a Germany charter then no probs, but if he is on a part charter then that could be a problem.

    There should be no problem with Crab Air but seeing as the only scheduled RAF flights now are to the Falklands (still charter?) or Cyprus then he will be flying out of a civillian airport (all be it with some form of movements representatives)

    It does sound to me though that someone dropped a clanger in his training unit. I mean how on earth can he go to war with out a passport that has at least 6 (or 3 depending on Land) months left to run!!!! :wink:
  9. I thought I would have a similar predicament with the passport office, and had got hold of a NATO Travel Order.
    As it transpired my passport arrived the day before my journey from Dortmund to Luton.
    Out of sheer bloody-mindedness, I decided to try to travel using just the NTO and MOD 90.
    Contrary to popular belief, it is not down to the airline to refuse to accept NTO, as long as it is supported with a valid MOD 90.
    They are obliged to accept it, unless of course, they are an airline not based in a NATO country (swissair, ryanair etc)
    I travelled to UK, had 1 internal UK flight, and a flight back to Germany, all using the NTO and MOD 90.
    At Luton, I encountered the problem of the easyjet checkin girl not having a brilliant command of the English language, and a room temperature IQ, but this was solved by asking her to call her supervisor - and he squared me away............he also pointed out that it was a travel ORDER...not a Travel REQUEST

    ALSO: If one is flying out of a German airport, the Bundespolizei will fill out a "notreiseausweiss" which is essentially an emergency passport. This costs around 25 euros, although you will need to provide a photo ID, so they can scan the photo.
    The process takes about 40 minutes all in all, and it would be handy if you can speak German, although the vast majority of the police tend to have a reasonable level of English.
  10. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Some countries don't accept travel orders without passports (clue being those not in NATO).

    Remember in Jordan the locals were very **** about seeing every fcukers passport, and making sure they were correctly stamped in and out, despite it being an established Ex and it being through a military airfield.
  11. Passport problems? Just drop Lord Randy Mandy of Rio a line - tell him you're a filthy rich Indian and hey presto all will be solved!