URGENT, Need UK/Germany Car Insurance at Short Notice...

...My UK Insurance runs out tommorrow, and I'm posted to Germany in a months time. If I renew it then cancel it after a month they want £100 cancellation fee. I'm after an insurer that will provide me cover in the UK for a month, then let me switch it to cover Germany. (Paperwork in English and German).


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Speak to Axa. They supply insurance for BFG through (I think) NAAFI. They might be able to help. Sorry, no link, no numbers, but I'm sure a few moments finger searching on the net will bring up something.

Where in Germany are you going?
Ask the NAAFI - they sorted me out in literally 20 minutes (as I was driving onto the ferry, actually) and provide a bloody good service all round. In fact, I'm still with them!

Yup, despite some bad publicity, NAAFI do offer a good service if you are in Germany. I insured my car with them when I was there, and stayed with them until I got a car they didn't like. When I had to claim (my car was stolen, but recovered), they were very good, arranging for the paintwork that needed doing to be done in Germany as it was more convenient for me.
Thanks to all who responded. Went with NAAFI in the end, although double my current premium it seems very easy to swith between UK and Germany with them. AXA couldn't provide for the month in the UK, (15 days max).
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