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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by nipper, May 28, 2005.

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  1. hey guys, ive got the choice to join the intake to the paras in june but its my 21st birthday on the 12july and im meant to be going to malia for 2weeks 18-30 on the 9august. i want to join asap but one part of me is saying go on holiday while can , but then the other side is thinking it will lower my fitness, put weight on me and that will mean waiting longer, what do you guys think? also i reckon i would do better joining now because dont fancy doin pcoy in the middle of december

    thanks lads
  2. You want *us* to make the decision for you? My advice is to get your thumb out of your arrse and make a decision.

    Also - why do you want to join the paras?
  3. no dont want you to make the decision for me! just would like to know your opinion.

    because its one of the best regiments in army
  4. if u r that focus on joing the para dont waste time and celebrate ur b day on diffrent day

    on the other hand if i was in ur shoes i go on my b day train alfter wards like mad go again but this will take time :twisted:

    but only u can make the choice silly forum :roll:
  5. one of my mates is starting in june and he is going straight for it, gave his notice for his job, flat everything on the day he found out the intake date, how much do you want it? are you itching to start or not?
    what do you want us to say? we are not your parents figure it out for yourself ,remember there are plenty more birthdays to celebrate.
  6. OK - well it's down to you essentially! Do you desperately want to be in the Army? I know I did when I joined! It's only a birthday after all and you can always, as suggested above, celebrate it on another day.

    How long would you have to wait if you had your birthday and then joined? If it's a considerable delay I'd join now and sod the birthday off.

    Not convinced about the best Regiment in the Army bit :p

    Hope that is the help you were after?!
  7. thanks lads, i feel the same about just ******* my birthday, i am iching to go in just getting loads of hassle of my mum who has spent 500 on the holiday.
    adonwar, does your mate come on here? and whats his name? if he can get him to pm me , be good to know so one before i go
  8. Mate there are two ways of looking at this , 1) Get in and get on with it . 2) Have a last holiday before you have your brain taken out in the Paras . If i was you i would go for the latter , its sounds like they have brainwashed you already . Ok truthfully get in the Army soonest . Get your training out of the way then go on a proper holiday with your new mates . Best of luck . Dont think about it just do it . Get in the army .
  9. your right recce-cpl think that everyone will want a holiday after finishing training.
  10. you join the "meat heads" I will go on your holiday.
    How about that.


    If you ask the RSM of the training establishment im sure he would understand and give you time off.

    Dare ya :D
  12. In kind of the same situation, im on a intake at the end of July while im going on a p*ss up holiday to spain with my mates. Ive been thinking recently that this is seriously gonna do some damage to my fitness. Or should i just not worry about it????
    Afterall a big part of a squaddies social life is going on the piss isnt it, and if i train during the day while im on holiday i should be able to maintain my fitness, or is that idea completly bollocks.

  13. Look Nipper And edwards , forget the holidays . Civvie mates are crap . Join up work hard pass out get your para wings and become a knobber like the rest of the army when we go on the piss with our mates . We have all been there . In a year your civvie mates wont be your mates any way . Get in the army get your own money do the biz get to your regiment then go abroad with your para wing tattoo your maroon t-shirt and your union jack shorts . Its ******* great . just do it boys !!! :) :D :) :D :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :D
  14. WTF??? mummy paid for my holiday??? what do I do???? F@ck me whats up with kids???[21!!!] these days? I was like a lot of others on active service at 16. get a grip!!!
    rant over
  15. fair one exile1, but unlucky for you i guess. recce the mates im going with are not all civvies, two are marines and one a civvie!but yeah your right catterick it is and beasting is what i really want for my birthday