Urgent info needed please - ammo tech!!

Discussion in 'RLC' started by westhamnut, Sep 22, 2010.

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  1. Hi i'm lookin at transferring to be an ammo tech, just wondering what the job is like in the uk, and what the job involves out in Afghan? Do you get to go out "on the ground" much?

    cheers in advance.

  2. Thank christ you aren't transferring to RE to be in a search team!!
  3. heh Chortle.
  4. Yet another mong who can't be arsed to search.
  5. hmm Y do people have to be an idiot on forums, with crap replies? I've done numerous searches on forums and traipsed the net for info. Found out alot of info but wanted extra bits from first hand experience and knowledge from those in the job already, or previously been in the job.
    obviously that aint you then is it strima!!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!
  6. A very quick search revealed 84 threads that relate to AT. One in particular:

    This thread.

    As shiny arse pointed out, there's a search function. So kindly go **** yourself.
  7. Whats up? Not enough leave for you, rolled out of bed the wrong side or has your colostomy bag split?
  8. At least I can walk without hobbling... (and the map of Cyprus in my trousers reminds me of happier days).
  9. Nice to see the level of maturity from some people out there! Hmm yeah cheers strima already read that one and the majority of the 86 other threads, and they all dont say anything about the job from first hand experience or what the job is actually like in Afghan. So if your level of maturity and linguist skills of an ant cant come up with a helpful and sensible reply ... Dont!
  10. Your original post did not indicate that you had done any research at all, therefore the responses you got were justified!

    Do you realise that your last sentence (my bold) has just excluded the majority of the trade group you are trying to get info about from replying. (Awaits incoming):eye:

  11. Fair point I believe.
  12. My bold re;Threads - Really?

    My bold re;job Afghanistan - Which one Einstein and at what rank.

    If you would like to know more about IEDD ops in Afg then;

  13. Hi m8,

    Well from all the lame replys in this thread I will help you out......
    Firstly I am an Ammo Tech!!!

    1. You need to attend a two day ATCAB...... there you will be told if you are suitable or not.... if not dont give up I didn't and ended up where I am now..

    2. You need to attend a two day selection.... here you will get told... Yes - your in, No and dont try again or you nearlly got there try on the next selection.

    3. If you do make it you spend the first 5 weeks doing advanced education and then you spend the next 5 months doing the basics needed for the trade, if you get to the end of this stage and trust me it is a grizz getting there - you will be awarded the instant promotion to acting lance corporal and insert onto the high payspine.

    4. From there you spend 3 years doing ammo stuff and then from there can go on to do a load more jobs.

    NOTE ....... it aint all IEDD or blowing stuff up all the time, but it is an enjoyable job and worthwhile for the people that want to become an Ammunition Technician.

    The advice I can give to you is if you are serious get into your RCMO and do some searching on the internet, if you do require more PM me... also start brushing up on maths and english... Lit and numeracy Level 2 at the AEC should put you in good stead for selection, mate.
    Good luck!!
  14. If you want to do it, do it, if you don't, don't. It's for you to prove yourself to us. There is plenty of information out there, find it.