URGENT INFO NEEDED!! 27 Regt "Wolf" emblem

Discussion in 'RLC' started by OLDBIGHEAD, Jun 16, 2010.

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  1. Can anyone tell me why 27 Tpt Regt have a wolf as its emblem? I've posted it as urgent because there's beer in it for the right answer!! :lol:
  2. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    In my day it was 27 LSG Regt (7, 8 and 66) and there was no 'Wolf emblem' just a Yorkie Bar flag flying proudly over the Guard room.

    Now where is my pint?
  3. Still in the pump, coz you haven't answered the question. :lol:
  4. A sheep in wolf's clothing??
  5. In my day as well (1982/83) 'No Wolf', but Pegasus flying by the HQ building. Shiney 7 Sqn, 8 Sqn and 407 Trp (later 63 Para), at Aldershot and 66 Sqn at Tidworth.

    The only Wolf I saw in my service was at RAOC Ammo Depot Wulfan, it was painted on the wall in the NAAFI.
  6. The wolf was introduced in 2006/7 by the CO at the time, Lt Col Neil Lewis QCVS deceased.

    It was used previously by an RCT regiment or sqn, possibly 27 I don't recall. It was previously last used in the 70's I think.
  7. Cheers mate. Any further info would be appreciated from anyone else.
  8. It may just be a coincidence but 27th Infantry Regiment (American Army) are known as the Wolfhounds.
  9. Like every badge in the RLC, they are made up by their current Co/Regt 2ic over a Pims in the Mess the night before! Generally they have no meaning other than the current CoC wants to leave "their mark!"
  10. And the next day a professional graphic design company is commissioned to realise the CO's vision of the Regt emblem, but with specific instructions to make it look like the RHQ cleaner has knocked it up in 5 minutes using Windows Paint.
  11. 154 FAD Wulfen had the Wolfs Head - it was historic and went all the way back to WWII and the depot being a Wermacht ammunition depot.

    Muna Kaserne - great times!!
  12. Not been around very long have you? Most RLC emblems are taken from the old Sqn\Coy symbols of their orgionating RCT\RAOC units. 60 Sqn Mushroom, 6 Sqn's saracens head to name but 2 go back at least 30+ years. Most emblems were only ever seen on unit plaques back then, but since the end of the cold war have been incearingly seen on uniforms\vehicles as a unit identifier.
  13. Who remembers 38 Sqn RCT, 'ERIC THE BEAR', it was all over Germany/BAOR, underneath railway bridges, Restplatz, Autobahn signs etc.
  14. Like a certain RLC TA unit coming up with a motto and plastering it over everything wouldnt be so bad but it just happens to be blatently nicked from the Coldstream Guards
  15. My Bold - I still chuckle every time I see one in strange places.

    Was flying back from FRY in a Herc many moons ago and was snuggling up on some pallet or other and, surprise surprise, there was one on the roof of the aircraft amongst the cables, pulleys etc. :soldier:

    There's still one on Abingdon Police Station's signage after almost a decade.