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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by girliebiker, Apr 15, 2011.

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  1. I've received a couple of files from a wedding client in openoffice draw. file name ends .std, .sxd & .odg

    I can not open the files and the the client claims not to have word or power point.

    I've looked on the internet for a download of openoffice draw but to be honset I'm not sure what I should be down loading (I should be blonde)

    Can anyone help please by either pointing me in the right direction or opening them and changing them into power point for me please?


  2. Draw

  3. Thank you smudge, if it works I'm forever in your debt :)

  4. I'll settle for a blowjob.......or a photos of your chebs covered in bath bubbles.
  5. You'll be getting nothing becasue it's integrity failed!

    Try harder Smudge!

  6. File extension STD - OpenOffice.org drawing template

    Search for the rest on there as well. Remember to look at the list on the panel on the right if it doesn't give you the right one by default.

    It says something like "There are X other file types using the XXX file extension"
  7. Did you try and download the ISO image? Bottom right hand corner of the 1st link.
  8. NO!! there's far too many words for my tiny brain, I need a lie down now!

    Oh and it was shower gel not bubble bath!

  9. Was it? Doh!

    Go here:

    CD-Rom ISO download page

    Click on the relevant operating system. Probably Windows?
  10. Surething Cd labeler programs will work for .std files.

    With the other 2 you will normally get a msg saying it wont open and have to select a file to open it. IIRC sxd is the older type of Ooffice file while ODG is the newer. As they both use open office draw you will have to try manually selecting the programme to open it.

    If not try a few of the other drawing, image packages.

    Good luck
  11. Now I am completely confused

    Smudge - What is winzip and why do I have to buy it?
  12. God, don't buy winzip! Its compression software.....you already have compression software on your machine
  13. You can use winrar, which is free
  14. Thank you!

    I now have openoffice draw, oh joy more crap that'll never use again