Urgent help required regarding dislocated shoulder and starting basic training!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by luvly_jubbly, Sep 25, 2011.

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  1. I have passed army selection a month ago and I am waiting for my date to start basic training (they reckon at least next tear due to my job choice). Thing is I dislocated my shoulder last night and I am genuinely worried that I do not want to seek medical attention at the hospital as I do not want to be deferred etc, does anyone know how long it would halt me joining or would it stop me altogether. I am so determined to join that I do not want to let this stop me.

  2. If it's just the once you should be ok, but don't quote me on that. Re- occurring dislocation is when it's starts getting problematic. Make sure you build the shoulder up properly with the advice of a good sports physio, (rugby clubs as it's a common injury).

    I ripped all the ligaments off my shoulder in a freefall jump and have had surgery and re-dislocated it around 20 times since. I've lived with it for last 15 yrs and I kept it quiet, but i have to watch everything I do. Contact sports are out of the question for me.

    Good luck
  3. Ask your GP to refer you to physio, say your shoulder is painful etc and that you have pulled it a bit, then tell physio about the dislocation, physios patient files stay in house so they can treat your shoulder without the GP knowing the full extent of the injury. do some exercises to strengthen the muscles to help prevent a re-occurrence.
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  4. Do you know where I could find out any of the exercises mate?

    It feels like the muscles tight more than anything.
  5. I think I may try that. SHH
  6. Not wanting to be the party pooper..

    How about you tell your GP what is wrong with you and get the fcuking injury sorted properly.

    So what if you drop a few months in joining (i doubt that will actually happen if it is a one off), at least you wont end up with any dramas further down the line... like your shoulder poppng out in the first month of basic.
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  7. Get it seen to properly, by a hospital. You only get one body so take care of it, until you've had it scanned and looked at by a doctor you don't know if there's anything else which could go wrong later and you'll curse yourself twenty or thirty years on if all sorts of preventable complications have come up.

    You've got a reasonable margin of error time-wise; get it seen to so you can go to basic with the smallest possible risk of picking up an injury in training and being deferred or discharged due to it. If you do get deferred now, then there's a very good reason for it and that's not only your safety but that of everyone else around you who may be relying on your physical ability. Anyone advising you to do anything else needs to give their head a wobble.

    Edit: beaten to it by another voice of sanity.
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  8. Quality idea. In no way whatsoever is it a good idea to have the correct medical information on your records. Especially when hoping to join the Army because physically it's a piece of piss and no-one will ever need to know whether your body is 100% fit or not.
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  9. Salute to the frooooonnntttt....
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  10. Don't mess around with this one and try and proceed without proper medical attention. In addition, do not be tempted to cut your treatment short because it feels ok. Your shoulder might need time to heal and if not given it, you'll end up with a weakness resulting in future dislocations.
  11. Don't tell him that. He just has to cuff it and get in. Then when it all goes wrong he can use this post for ease.

    'urgent, help needed, i am a one armed bandit'

    'hi, guys. I joined the army with a dislocated shoulder. thought it would be alright, but I cuffed it with the doc. anyway week 6 in basic and my arm popped out again... now i am fcuked becuase i can't do anything with the arm and even mcdonalds reckon i'll hae problems flipping burgers...

    can i appeal?'
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  12. HHH

    HHH LE

    The best thing to do is dislocate your other shoulder, that way you'll not get picked on by the Drill DS for having one shoulder up and the other one down.
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  13. Mate, you are between a rock and a hard place with this one. Go to the doc (GP) and he will oom and ahh and won't have a clue and refer you to physio. The physio will give you exercises that you can get off the Internet (rotator cuff strengthening et). Worse case you will get operated on, then kiss your army dream good bye.

    A single dislocation should be fine, **** the GP off, get the shoulder strengthened properly and take the chance and join up.

    Get bogged down in the medical (sometime over cautious) paperwork then you may as well look for a new career
  14. Why? At worst an operation will just delay their starting date so long as it fixes the problem and doesn't cause any new problems.

    Yep, what the **** do qualified medical professionals know? Far better to listen to the advice of someone on the internet and see how many log runs you can do before you lose your arm.
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  15. Ref, exercises. Lots of cable work exercising the deep muscles around the rotator cuff, this stabilizes the shoulder. But also concentrate on the rest of the body to gain overall strength. Don't get into the situation where your arm is behind your head, for example lying down on your back with your hands under your head. Don't **** about with contact sports, especially rugby and martial arts or boxing.