Urgent help regarding appeal please

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by boro_private, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. Hi everyone.

    First off, im really P***ed off. My doctor has wrote on my RG8 forms that i required treatment for excema symptoms. This has meant the people in glencourse have instantly rejected me.

    I know exactly what the treatment was for, a couple of years ago I got burnt by some chemicals I used whilst cleaning. The doctor gave me cream for them to heal.

    I have already waited 4 years due to asthma being on my records and now another kick in the teeth.

    My recruit sgt has said that he was very angry over the phone with the people in glencourse which resulted in them telling him what was actually wrong. He has already lost 6 recruits this week through medical reasons and he is not prepared to loose me so he is writing a letter of appeal. He says I also have to.

    Could anyone who has been in this situation or has knowledge of this situation please help, e.g. words of advice, mock up appeal letter.

    Any help is much appreciated, I dont want this to stop me doing what I have wanted to do all my life.

    Many thanks


    P.S. Isn't this ironic that the morning after Newsnight done a show on the army being overstretched they go and turn away 7 recruits from one AFCO?
  2. Tell the twat of a doctor it's a burn and not excema, simple really. Keep applying if the doctor is wrong you shouldnt have to pay for his mistakes. Let the doctor know what really happened and get him to write to the recruiting SGT.

    Don't give in and good luck.
  3. I know an officer in charge of a recruiting team and believe me they are absolutely desperate for anyone keen. My pal drove hundreds of miles the other weekend on spec; got nobody, and he will still keep doing it.

    Apparently there is a minimum weight for joining (48kg or something ridiculous). My pal has been visiting a waif at his home trying to get him to stuff himself.

    Hard to know what to say. Something short and sweet to the head of the recruiting team? -

    Dear Sir,

    I was extremely disappointed to hear that as a result of my medical report I have been judged unfit to serve. It seems that my treatment for a burn a number of years ago has been wrongly interpreted as evidence of an ongoing skin problem. While I understand that a soldier will be exposed to noxious substances, and that therefore broken skin would be a serious problem, I do not and have never suffered from any such illness.

    I would hope that this misunderstanding can be cleared up and that I will be able to serve. I would, of course, be happy to attend any medical.

    Yours faithfully,
  4. Ok so I have seen my gp and turns out the gp who I seen when I had the chemical burn to my hand had put down that I suffer from excema. Things are getting sorted and my gp is writing a letter.

    Has anyone on here ever appealed against a decision like what I am arguing against? and what was the outcome?
  5. If this is the single instance of exe.. echz... ecksma... scabby hand then a simple letter from the GP correcting the error should suffice. If there is any suggestion that this is a possible recurrance of an earlier episode then the letter should state that previous diagnoses were incorrect as well.

    Belt and braces approach should mean the minimum of to-ing and fro-ing. Is there anything else that may need to be addressed in terms of GP fcuk-ups? I ask becase one of the lads on my selection sailed through everything until the medical stages and then went through rejection and appeal twice due to inaccurate Doctor's notes. The issues were resolved eventually, but to be honest I think many would have given up after the aggro of the first time.

    The support of a keen recruiting team is obviously a big plus and it should all get sorted out eventually.

    Please note that Glencourse sometimes seem to move with glacial speed so keep chasing up (in avery nice way) everyone on a regular basis.

    Very best of luck and let us know how it turns out.
  6. My recruiting sgt has been brilliant, He told me on friday when the letter arrived he will support me in any appeal. He seems to think I have a very good chance.

    Like I said before, I faught my case when being knocked back for asthma, so the sgt thinks persitance will pay off. The wording on my medical notes does sound very negative, so I can understand the rejection from glencourse but it doesnt mean I agree with it.

    I am just wondering would I need to write a covering letter explaining the situation and then supporting letter from my gp?
  7. You can do but if I was you I would just get your GP to write the appeal letter and give it to your recruiter who can fax it off to the SMO at the ADSC. This way you know the GP has sent it otherwise its a guessing game as if its gone or not. I had a number of cases similar with appeals and the ones that were ok after the GP wrote additional info took around a couple of weeks to sort out because the SMO has a lot of medical paperwork to sort out along with the normal selection examinations, heart murmors etc.
  8. Just as an aside, over the years thousands have been rejected for "having an irregular heartbeat". The latest thinking - a regular heartbeat is suspicious and is associated with problems, a healthy heartbeat is irregular. Hells bells.

    [Although I got a brilliant insight into the reasoning when I spoke to my mate the recruiting officer last night - the army has loads of "metrics" that apprently predict whether you will have a 22 year career or leave early and sue them for loads. That's what lies behind all this].
  9. i had the same thing but i atchilly had ezma i dont anymore but they still rejected me and now i have a 3 year wait i think its a bit exstrem but i am going to collage and doing what i love most which is sport
  10. Gnngh. Give me strength.....
  11. Oh right. I think that a bit ex stream too. It must make you cry a river inside?

    Good luck in the future..
  12. yes it does upset me but i try not to think about it .
  13. All you need is a letter from your GP stating that it wasn't eczema and this will immediately clear up the issue. If your GP doesn't do this, go over his head and see a specialist.

    Because Asthma and eczema are linked, Glencorse are just playing it safe.

    You will be accepted if you get the evidence.
  14. im going ahead with collage now it starts monday cant wait .
    i also get my emergancy first aid doing the course i am doing. does that help?
  15. I've no idea what branch / trade / rank you're aiming for, but I would guess that you need to be able to show that you've grasped the fundementals of written English to progress.

    I'm sorry if I'm coming over as a bit of a pedant, but your interjections have no real relevance to the preceding posts and are beginning to grip my sh1t.

    Hope that helps.