omg people i go to my interview with the army tomorrow morning... im extremly nervous and i dont no what is going to happen can anyone inform me on what to wear, what extra's i should bring with me, do i need to sign up there and then ... just like tips on how to act ... please anyone...

EXTREMLY greatfull
l/cpl blackham
Wear something smart. Be polite. That's it really. No need to take anything extra.
Posting a plea at quarter to five is bad enough. No-one sensible is still posting at this time of day.

Posting it in barely passable English is two black marks. No punctuation, grammar sucks etc.

Third one comes from not telling us what the interview is for, where it is and what you're hoping to acheive.

Fourth for not having done any prep for probably the most important day of your military career.

Fifth for giving yourself a rank you haven't earned.

Congratulations, no need to attend tomorrow as you've already passed with very high marks.

Report at your leisure to the Regiment you fancy and crack on. Just don't bother with the RAF, we've enough on our plates as it is.

Please ignore the above if this isn't actually a WAH!

Edit to add, ignore first line as Smudge67 is the exception that proves the rule.
I'll bite.

Calm down mate, if your talking about your initial interview after you handed in your medical etc then you just need to think out a few answers along the line of :

Why you want to join the army, what your family and friends think of you joining the army and how you feel about that, what your interests and hobbies are, what sort of physical training you have been doing in preperation and also have a rough idea of how fast you can do your 1.5 mile run and how many pull-ups you can do (be honest, they test you at ADSC). Your trying to sellyourself to the Sgt and eventually to the Officer that will interview you after your ADSC so be polite, I wore a shirt and tie, make sure your shaved and presentable and be honest (but not too honest, they might not like "I want to shoot ragheads" as a reason to join). They ask stuff about where your from, what your family do, any connection with the Army but he talks you thought a sheet of questions so take it easy and think through answers. Good luck!

Also don't say "oh my god" in the interview, or ever again - someone might hit you. And how is it that you haven't done any research into the process to join up untill now?!!
When they ask you what your interests are, tell 'em beekeeping. You can be pretty sure they know buggr all about it and it will boost your confidence enormously to have one up over the interviewer. Bore them for two minutes (no longer, mind) with a few facts about hives and related bee activities.

NB: This works just as well for Oxford University entrance, the RAF Regiment or any interview with media companies.


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It's a fairly straightforward, easy interview. There's nothing to flap about - IT'S NOT AN EXAM!

Dress smartly, RELAX, and answer the questions.
Biped said:
It's a fairly straightforward, easy interview. There's nothing to flap about - IT'S NOT AN EXAM!

Dress smartly, RELAX, and answer the questions.
Answer the questions fully without waffle, be open, honest and sincre.
Keep your hands on your knees, look at who ever is asking the questions and try and smile when it is right to do it. :wink:
- Look smart
- Make sure you take your coat off when you get into the interview room
- Good handshake
- Be prepared to answer questions on why you want to join etc
- Try to avoid ummming and arrrhhhing
- Sit up straight in the chair
- Know something about the Regiment you want to join (but thats normally in the second interview)

Good Luck pal, let us know how you get on... ;)
Just remember there main aim is to get you in, not keep you out, they'll be looking more for reasons to enlist you than to reject you. Obviously if you're a complete waste of space they'll not take yuo but if there a4re a few things you need to do before enlisting they'll do their best to halp you. Be yourself and listen to what is asked and think before you answer. They will know that you're nervous and make allowances for that. Good luck.
judging by your post you are incredibly camp. "omg people"

just dont dress in all leathers like the only gay in the village on LB...

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