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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by johnno808, Nov 26, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone give me some advice?

    One of the lads in my platoon has recently put in a formal complaint via the adjutant about a CSM.

    The CSM in question "harasses" the lad daily with no grounds to do so. He is constantly on his case about mince n triv that has no grounds and regularly accuses him of various offences with no proof whatsoever and nothing ever comes of it.

    This has been passed up the chain correctly but still nothing seems to be happening.

    Can the lad in question contact the RMP, as in the same way a civilian would contact the Police on a harassment case?

    Thanks for any advice.
  2. The SIB/RMP may deal with some instances of bullying/harrasment but to be honest more timely and appropriate action is likely to happen via the Chain of Command.

    Not being an expert on the subject but the complaint should def be in writing, along the lines of the following:



    1. In accordance with Sections 334-339 of the Armed Forces Act 2006 and JSP 831, I respectfully make the following complaint about (Broad outline, ie the loss of my application to transfer to the RAF).

    2. (Details of the complaint)

    3. (Evidence to support the complaint):

    a. *********************************.

    b. *********************************.

    4. In order to resolve the problem I would like (what you expect to happen).

    18. Your co-operation in this matter is fully appreciated.

    I remain Sir,
    Your obedient servant,


    Further details in JSP 831

    The matter then has to be dealt with by the CO. Ensure that as well as outlining the complaint your friend also states what course of action he wishes, apology, formal action etc (make sure it is realistic and reasonable).

    Hope it helps, in the long run bulling of any type should not be tolerated in this day and age.
  3. Why are your Platoon OC, Sgt, Cpl(s), LCpl(s) not doing anything about this.

  4. I was about to ask the same question? Its not a case of my mate is getting picked on just because he's an admin nightmare is it?
  5. The complaint is about a CSM, a LCpl, Cpl or Sgt would o well to keep out of the matter. The real question should be "why is the Adjutant not getting it sorted". If I were the young lad, in the first instance I would speak, in confence, to my Unit Welfare Officer.
  6. Complaints are governed by AGAIs (70) as well as the sections mentioned earlier. They set out a specific timescale for an initial response. If a complaint is not dealt with according to the regulations and TACOS of the complainant then a tribunal is allowed to take this into account when awarding damages.
  7. Would SSgts, other WO2s, troopies and various other officers keep out of it?
    Its seem a bit strange that no one else is getting involved.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    How recently? This could take time to investigate.

  9. I thought that Soldiers who enter official complaints were allocated an Officer or Warrant Officer to advise them through the life of the complaint??
  10. except a tribunal is almost certainly irrelevant in this case. you can't go to one whilst serving except in very specific circumstances.

    my advice to the bloke asking the question: get your "mate" to read AGAI 70 from cover to cover. RMP are unlikely to have any involvement in a complaint unless he alleges a criminal offence has been committed.

    complaints take time and guidelines are just that. if your "mate" wants to know what the delay is, why doesn't he ask his assisting officer to speak to the adj?