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Urgent help needed, Hemangiomas.

Hi everyone.

I have quite large Hemangiomas on my back, which are in short; birthmarks.


'A hemangioma is an abnormal build up of blood vessels in the skin'

Will this fail me the medical, baring in mind that It has never ever affected my ability in sports or any physical activity, and I've never been off of work, school, nor college with it?

Thanks alot all.


Kit Reviewer
Spoke to a RAMC bint, who does medicals, and she said unless it was freakishly large and like a humpback - then no, this wouldn't affect you passing.

But, on the subject of the danglies, I was on a course where a bloke had a few tick bites on his scrote, they literally swelled up to the size of mangos easily. Was horrific watching him trying to run. I'd say horrifically funny but the guy was a hero.

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