Urgent help needed for my son!!!!!

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Please forgive me for posting this and i sincerely apologies if this is in the wrong section but i have never used this site before and im in need of urgent help here goes,

My 17yr old son has been trying to get in the army he passed all of his physical and medical and was set to go in this Sunday but disaster has happened the recruitment have rang him and said he has to wait until 3 years till he can try for the army again!!:-x. As you can imagine my son is devastated now 6 months ago he was living with myself and he was my career he started hanging around with the wrong crowd and started doing recreational drugs he also took i cocktail of my prescribed medication just so he could float with the fairys as i put i thought he had tried to commit suicide and immediately told him to get help his attitude had changed mood everything he went docs and they sent him to CAMHS (CHILD ADOLESCENT MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES) now these professionally assessed him and basically said it was the peers he was hanging around with and suggested he removed himself from hanging around with them and sort some help like AA for his mild drink and help with drugs they never thought he was a any risk of suicide or self harm and we havnt heard anything since. Now when i spoke to the medical department that received my son G.P report they told me that the doctor had put on there that my son had tried to commit suicide this question was asked at the CAMHS meeting and my son strongly denied this and said no it was so he felt relaxed. Also the doctor that filled this report in for the army hasn't seen my son who has since moved out and living over 300 miles away with his grand parents hes stopped smoking and drinking and has been working so hard on joining the army he is doing regular exercise everyday to get his fitness up etc.. he is so devastated with this out come they have told me to get him to see a GP where he lives just so the doctor can see for hiself how much jordan is mentally happier and also told me to get a copy letter from CAMHS saying that he does suffer with self harm or any suicide thoughts and also to wite a report on why this should be looked at again.

Now is anybody out there that could so kindly help me or point me to somebody that could help me do this or has anybody had anything like this has he got a good chance of getting this looked at and the decision over turned right from the age of 13 he has wanted to do the army or RAF he was in cadets and hes so passionate about serving his country and making a life for him self in the army. So please i beg anybody out there for any bit of help SORRY IF IN WRONG PLACE ADMIN


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I've had a long emotional day getting my daughter into Uni, the recruiting hand grenades can wait until tomorrow.

Cheers :D
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