Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by armyboyfriend, Jun 21, 2005.

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  1. HI Guys

    Just found this today!

    G/F shiny new signaller doing basic among engineers and int corps (no other girlies going through so not at lichfield).

    They have just given her a uniform lanyard. No instruction as to which shoulder to wear it! Also has been told to find out the history of the signals lanyard. No other signals at where she is training. has used her initiative and told me to find out. Can u help one of your people!

    Thanks in advance. Need to know by end of today (tues).
  2. Submit a picture of said G/F and im sure we can all think of somewhere the lanyard can go.... :)
  3. Basically the blue lanyard was given to the signals, for manning some guns in a battle, cantremember where butwill look it up for you.

    As far as i can remember the gunners ran away when the enemy advanced so the signals/engineers took over the manning. So as a penance the signals/engineers took the blue lanyard, and the gunners were given a white or yellow one, cant remember exactly.

    and it goes on the left hand side if i remember correctly.

    Will find out some more on the history for you though
  4. Not that old chestnut again. :?

    Gunners lanyard thread
  5. I cannot find any evidence about the lanyard doing a google search, and if it was something as major as the gun myth that had spread round the corp, then i would imagine some thing would have turned up.

    You might be best getting in touch with the corp museum. see link below

  6. Thanks guys for quick and mostly helpful responses - found the spurious myth....

    have contacted the museum and am speaking to the archivist later today.

    Thx again
  7. The history of the Royal Signals Lanyard is not so exciting. ( I looked this up for my Drillies as everyone ribbed the poor old Artillery about yellow in their belt and abandoning guns yadda yadda yadda)

    The Blue Lanyard was granted official as part of the Royal Signals Dress Policy in the mid 50`s in recognition of members of the Corps who came across from the Royal Engineers.

    The curate at the Corps Museum helped trace the information ins ome dusty book from a dusty corner.

    So there you go, it came across from the Engineers (which we knew) but was retained and made official to recognise the link from the RE.

  8. The first communications unit in the British Army, and therefore the origin of the Corps can be traced to the formation of C Telegraph Troop Royal Engineers in 1870. As the need for military communications increased, the Telegraph Battalion Royal Engineers was formed. Major C Beresford was given command of the 2nd Division of the Battalion and he considered that the Battalion should have its own cap badge and adornments (lanyard). To cut a rather long story short, the blue lanyard came from the Royal Engineers, but I am happy to send the whole story if anyone is actually interested. The green airborne lanyard has its own story too!
  9. Can't understand why she is doing basic with Int Corps. Their ATR is different to the R Sigs one.
  10. Spy

    Reason given (as she was all set to go to Lichfield) was that she was only female going through in that time and it was decided it would be better for her to train elsewhere.
  11. God !! All you new sprogs in Combat 95 kit !!! . Lanyard on right shoulder , knot to the front , tucked into the pocket , true Engineers have a church key attached to the loose end
  12. For all those Arrsers that don't know a 'Church Key' is a bottle opener, it doesn't open the door to a Church, however it has been know to help open lots of other things. 8)

    Thought i would post this before people start asking. :D
  13. Normaly about 8 pints, then everyone seems to have found their 'Bottle'.
  14. Different how? Common Military Syllabus (Recruits) ring any bells?