urgent help from somone in the know

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by jepprob87, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. I'm not going to go into the details but i'm on ftrs and have been messed around with pay, due to not being on strength but working for the regular unit, and the TA unit not putting in the MTDs for that period but now the AR cash payments given during the period are being clamed back leaving me with virtualy no money now i am officialy on strength. Although i'm not planning on using it as yet my dad an ex-reg told me about some queens regulation to do with pay offices that you suspect are dragging their heels or messing you about any ideas?
  2. Make an official redress of complaint. The are obliged to look at any complaint you have. Detail your difficulties in the first instance and approach your Admin Officer explain the situation tell him you want to make a redress he will tell you the correct procedure to follow.
  3. If you are on FTRS your pay is nothing to do with MTDs or the TA unit. You should be being paid by Glasgow in the same way as a Regular. I suspect that you may have fallen into the JPA Black hole period.

    The remedy is to;

    phone 0141 224 3600 (make sure that you have your National Insurance Number to hand) and ask what is happening.
  4. Paymaster: I think you misunderstand the problem he is having. From the way I read it he applied for FTRS and whilst he was waiting for formal authority he was employed by the Regular unit. This must have been formally/informally agreed with his TA unit who then appear not to have signed off or submitted his TA MTD forms. In the meantime his Regular RAO has obviously agreed to AR payments which have now started to come out of his pay since he has taken up full time employment as FTRS.

    My advice is to formally raise this with the chain of command in his current Regular unit. If there was a formal/informal agreement in place then they should liaise with the TA unit to ensure that the MTD authority forms have been signed and submitted. His current RAO should become personally invloved to ensure that he has a decent income stream until the issue is resolved. Failing direct support by chain of command or RAO then a Redress of Complaint should be submitted as Queensman said: the CO will then be forced to get personally involved and will not be able to ignore the issue.
  5. That's possible perhaps if he wishes an informed answer on this medium he should give us the full facts. A little information is always dangerous especially when it comes to pay matters.
  6. yes thats bang on but i've decided not to do anything till this pay day as of the JPA nightmare that seems to be going on cheers for that one guys much appreciated
  7. Best of luck.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Lets us know how things pan out.