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I desperately need this question answering:

If my father was born in Hong Kong (Kowloon British Military Hospital) in 1957, to English parents then he is British, right? Despite whether or not he has a British passport now (I don't know if he does or not).

At the time Hong Kong was British territory and in any case, he was born on British soil as it was British Military Hospital...am I right in my assumption here?

I've just been speaking to some jobsworth at the passport office who is doing everything in her power to make sure I don't get a new passport! hahaha
Was his birth registered with the consulate at the time? I'm assuming he's still in HongKong and hence wouldn't have used his passport to come to UK...
Nope...he's not in HK. He came back when his parents returned from their posting. I don't know if he was on their passport, or if he had his own.

He's had a British passport in the past, I know that because he served 22 years in the RE.

The problem I have is that I don't have his passport number (or even know if he still has one) and I can't contact him. The passport office are basically saying that they can't see how he is British if he was born in HK.

As far as I was aware HK was still Britsh soil until approx 1997.


I was born abroad in a UK military hospital. I had a local birth certificate and an HM Forces issed certificate.

In order to get a British passport my parents (who were both born in the UK) had to submit a copy of their wedding certificate to prove that I was elegible for a passport (I don't suppose that these days wedlock is of any great relevance).

I suspect that if your parents were born abroad (even in a British Dependency) then they are classed as British Nationals rather than Citizens (I think). It is v difficult and I know just how difficult passport office jobs worths can be.

It was for this reason that I went to great lengths to ensure that my own children were born in the UK and not on some overseas posting - to prevent them from having a similar problem.
My hubby was born in a mil hosp in Singapore - he's classed as British & holds a British passport.


This may help you:


We appreciate that in some situations it’s difficult to know whether you’re eligible for a British passport or not.

The following explanation should help to clarify this for you, but if you have any questions please call our Adviceline on 0870 521 0410.

British Citizen
On 1 January 1983 people became British Citizens (BC) if they were citizens of the United Kingdom and Colonies on 31 December 1982 and had the right of abode in the United Kingdom on that date.

By birth in the United Kingdom or in a place still a British colony.
By naturalisation in the United Kingdom or a British colony.
By registration as a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies.
By legitimate descent from a father* to whom the previous conditions applied.

*Prior to the introduction of the British Nationality Act, 1981, a person could not claim nationality from his or her mother.

British Dependent Territories Citizen*

People who obtained their citizenship from a connection with a territory which remains a British dependency, for example Gibraltar, Bermuda etc.

British Overseas Territories Citizen*

These are people who have a connection with a former British colony, for example Kenya, who did not become citizens of that country when it became independent and did not become British citizens.

Please note: Since Tuesday 21 May 2002, most people holding a British Dependent Territories Citizen passport automatically become British Citizens. This is the effect of the commencement of the British Citizenship provision of the British Overseas Territories Act 2002, which has already re-named British Dependant Territories Citizenship (BDTC) as British Overseas Territories citizenship. The Act provides that BDTCs except those whose BDTC status derives solely from their connection with the sovereign base areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia in Cyprus, become British citizens on 21 May. People born in the territories from that date will be both BCs and BDTCs from birth.

The site goes on for some length but this should help you. I was born in Nigerai of British parents and had quite a beauracratic nightmare trying to sort it out. Successfully I may add. Good luck mate!!
My dad was born in Lahore to British parents when it was still British India. Despite serving over thirty years in HM Forces and retiring as a Half Colonel, he still sometimes has problems renewing his passport. He always puts his place of birth down as Lahore, British India. Never Pakistan.
Thanks for all your help...I'll make sure I beat them. Hopefully when it's all sorted I'll have sufficient knowledge to be able to advise anybody else unlucky enough to be in the same situation...it's a pain!

I'll also make sure that when I'm in the Army the children will be born in the UK. It seems like the best option.

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