Urgent - Funny story about employers needed

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by gingwarr, Jul 19, 2006.

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  1. Hey chaps,

    Have been tasked last minute with helping with a speech for early this PM and was wondering if anyone here had any funny stories about employers or SABRE, specifically during mobilisation.

    I have many stories, but most of them involve me skiffing someone, or raping and murdering a hitch hiker and (apparently) "That's not funny!".

    I know this is a complete bluff but any help would be appreciated.
  2. Hmm ... funny. Maybe not but:

    18 Dec 2002 Around the interview table, me (the applicant), future boss (fit older chick), HR monkey (extremely fit chick in thigh highs)

    HR Monkey 'So I see from your CV that you're in the TA?'

    Me 'Yes and have been for several years'

    Future Boss ' With all this kicking off in Iraq what is the likelyhood of you being mobilised?'

    Me (young, naive) 'Absolutely none - they haven't compulsarily mobilised on mass since the Suez crisis. I could volunteer but I have no intention of doing so at the moment - my career is more important to me.'

    HR Monkey ' Oh thats alright then - when you could you start?'

    Me 'How about the 10th of January?'

    fastforward to 14th January 2003

    Me 'Err boss - you know how I said they hadn't mobilised the TA since Suez ... erm, as of today that is technically no longer true.'

    Not impressed.
  3. Reading that story reminded me of my Mobilisation! I went and spoke to my boss on the Wednesday morning at 10am saying that they were calling up TA for Iraq, he asked me the likely hood of me going and I said "none" as we are an Air Defence Regiment I can't see there being a need for us! I went away rather jolly to my Desk where my Admin assistant told me I had had a call from my Battery. I called them back and at 10:15am went to see my boss and informed him that I would be off work for the next 12months as I had been Mobilised for Iraq! He was not the happiest man! The worst part was is that he held my job open for the whole time and on return i quit!
  4. gingwarr - check your pm
  5. My boss on mobilisation was an S. Hussain bet that made some one giggle when they sent the thankyou letters out.
  6. What is it with HR chicks? They're so HOT. And such Nazis.
  7. Yes

    Imagine how much i hate my job - most of my work is with Nurses, student nurses, student doctors and HR chicks.

    I dread getting up each morning - I really do.

    One thing I never understood though - is there a specialist shoe shop for HR birds to go and buy those boots?
  8. If there is, let me know. I don't give a fck what their policy is on paid holiday for annual camp - I'm THERE.
  9. My old HR boss was nicknamed Bomber Harris (as her surname was Harris duh) and she was as fit as a butchers dog. Never wore the boots but fcuk me she was lush. I kept on trying to find HR issues to go and speak to her about!! Think I spent more of my working week in her office than my dept. Later moved premises and my new HR boss was a right minger.
  10. Sack Them All is an HR bod ( well, when working that is ) and he is as ugly as a box of spanners.
  11. BB I resent that, at least the spanners are chromed and shiny :D .

    Dont know where all these great chicks in HR are supposed to be, I've never worked with any :cry: (but then I am not well known for my taste) :twisted:
  12. I think all HR birds wear revealing tops and those great boots. But if you ever look at those short cut tops or glimpse at those boots, your P45 and sexual harrassment charge is in the post! 8)