Urgent - Feature Film Casting - can you help!

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by BigStar, Oct 31, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    (Admin at arrse.co.uk has cleared this posting.)

    Can you help?

    We are looking for you to take part in The blockbuster feature film staring the big acting talents Eric Bana ‘The Hulk’, Natalie Portman ‘Star wars’ to name a few.

    What we are looking for is males and females of all ages based in the Kent area to take part in this period film.

    You will be playing extras so no experience is needed just the ability to take direction and be professional at all times. Locations include Sevenoaks, Penshurst and Dover.

    The age range that we are looking for is from 28yrs – 80yrs.

    The roles people will be selected to play are:

    - Peasants, - Footman,

    - Ladies in waiting, - Guards,

    - Soldier’s - Priests

    - Servants, - Lawyers etc

    Pay: £70 - £150 per day depending on role.

    Food and drink will be supplied all day.

    Dates: There are many film dates starting on the 24th Nov to the 3rd of December.

    All participants will have costumes to wear supplied by the production company. All males applicants must not be taller the 6’2’’.

    If you are interested/ friends or family then please can you get them to email me ASAP on wayne.berko@universalextras.co.uk. The details from each interested person I will need is:

    Full Name:
    Measurements :(waist, shoe etc)
    Contact details: (email, mobile, tel etc)
    Current photo: (A digital head shot is the best for this)
    Can you drive:

    This is great opportunity to take break away from the norm, have some fun and be paid for the pleasure.

    Kind Regards
    Wayne Berko
    T: 0845 0090344
    M: 0790 3747452
    Email: wayne.berko@universalextras.co.uk

    Uni-versalEXTRAS Ltd
  2. (Heightist!) Thats me not included then! No parts for giants with cauliflower lugs and size 14 feet?
  3. Sorry.

    Unfortunately this is a period drama so in days of King Henry the 8th they didn’t have many tall people.

    If you are interested in doing working like this please refer to our website www.universalextras.co.uk for more details.

    Kind Regards
    Wayne Berko
  4. so the peasants get paid less and the lawyers get the top dosh? nothing's changed then.

    I am just under six two, can I be a lady in waiting?
  5. Big Star, it's called humour mate.
  6. Wayne, been thinking about it, actually, can I be a Peasant who catches the eye of a lady in waiting and becomes a Guard, rogering his way through the royal household Servants, thereby angering the King, only to be sent to the front as a Soldier, fighting gallantly, but finding God and eschewing the sword, and becoming a Priest, who does a bit of Law on the side?
  7. I reckon there's an Oscar looming for you mate.
  8. indeed there may well be, the story has a certain ring to it, in fact, I can win back the kings affection by helping him create the Church of England and becoming its top bod, while enacting all the neccassary laws to pinch stuff off the Catholics, chop their heads off and tup their wives etc :)
  9. Still no part for the cauliflower eared giant?
  10. of course there is, you can be my trusty aide de camp/major domo, looking after me in a slow-witted fashion as we fight overseas, and getting the ugly birds I don't want.

    On our return to Blighty, you act as my assassin, but, as a sub-plot, you become dissillusioned with the work, and cannot justify it or reconcile this as the work of god, and move north to become a badger baiting hermit, only to be hounded by my men.

    You meet your end in a windswept Yorkshire moor, wondering why there are no badgers in the vicinity as you flail with your mace at the troop of evil newly-Protestant yobs I have sent after you to seal your tongue for ever.

    How's that?
  11. Spot on, can't wait to see my name in lights.
  12. Can we help? Yes - try the local dole office.
  13. does that meen afterwards you are classed as walts for dressing up...
  14. nope, walts don't get paid :)