Urgent Euro/LOA Review Please

It really is about time the Armed Forces Pay Review Body (AFPRB) got there fingers out and did some work for a change, Since the introduction of the Euro two years ago, LOA has not been reviewed, the effect of the Euro on soldiers in Germany was effectivly to slash our wages in half, LOA is supposed to compansate for the cost of living in the country that you are living in.  Prices here doubled over night, despite the German Goverments claim that prices would remain the same.  They didn't, Industry is in charge of the Euro, and a lot of Fat Cat bosses got fatter overnight.  So come on the AFPRB and sort our lives out.
the effect of the Euro on soldiers in Germany was effectivly to slash our wages in half

Some hard facts and figures would appreciated.
1st to Oracle,

Lets say a pint of beer costs 1,50 DM, the equivilent of £0.60.  Over night the price changes from 1,50 DM to 1,50 Euro and it's now equivilent to £1.00.  Ok, so it's a little under half your wages.  But then consider what the cheeky fat cats decided to do next, lets round up the price, while everyone in the country is confused about the new currency.  i.e, lets now charge 2 Euro's for a pint of beer.  Now the equivilent is £1.40.  Not a bad profit margin, for a item that was £0.60 last week.

2nd to 8esar.

Yes your LOA went up this week, why was that ? because the Forces Fixed Rate went down from 1.49 Euro's to the Pound.  To 1.41 Euro's to the Pound so the increase in your LOA, will not affect your Pay Packet at the end of the month, you will have exactly the same amount as you would normally receive, and you was dead chuffed cos you thought you was going to get more money !  My point is that the LOA is reviewed constantly inline with the Current Exchange rates but it is supposed to be reviewed every two years, so that it is in line with inflation, however your wages are reviewed yearly not every two years, and with the introduction of the Euro Inflation went overboard and no one has reviewed the LOA since.    


Sure is needed - the cost of living in the UK is so high compared to germany that some sort of UK allowance is overdue, after all if the Germans are paying a quid a pint and we're paying doble then its only fair to bring allowance into line.  Perhaps some clever scheme to give access to tax free booze fags petrol and cars could be introduced, not a bad idea, but no doubt some pathetic ingrate would moan that it STILL wasn't enough.  Oh well, guess that's why I brew my own ;)


Battleplan must live in a parallel Germany, my LOA is fine, my lifestyle in Germany has not changed since the introduction of the Euro. Prices have not risen - at least not in my town.  Some items even got cheaper (esp. in Aldi)
In fact, I reckon life got better.  I no longer worry about filling up in Belgium, Holland or even France on the way back from UK, since I know how cheap the fuel is and I have a ready supply of cash on me.  
I think the sooner we have the Euro in UK the better. :)