Urgent - E Bay info needed

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by marco_poloroid, Mar 30, 2008.

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  1. I am desperate to purchase an item from Germany on E Bay but the seller will only accept bank transfers. Is this safe, and if so, how do I go about it? Apologies in advance for bone (but serious, and definitely Wah free question!) And I've got 24 hrs left - heeeelp!!
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Get his bank ac details.

    Phone your branch tomorrow, give them the details and amount. They should sort it there and then although you will probably get changed for the priviledge.

    Jobs done

    PS it really should be that easy
  3. Using IBAN bank transfers are free in the EURO zone so a lot of German eBayers want to use this method. The drawback from the UK is that it's going to cost you at least 20 quid I would guess (but I'm a little out of touch with UK bank fees) to do the transfer plus you don't have any protection if the seller is a crook.

  4. Sounds about right. Mrs Counterstrike is a serial Ebayer and says you get more protection from paypal (if the seller has a feedback of 50 or more) than you would from a bank transfer. i.e if the item doesn't turn up etc.

    That situation might be different as it would appear THAT seller offered paypal but then insisted on bank transfer.

    Marco, do you mind if we look at the item? PM if preferred.
  5. stand by counter....

  6. For a kick off, cheers for all the helpful answers.
    Counter, I am pants at this 'puter stuff, no idea how to cut/paste the page, but this is the item number:
    Item number: 320230617069:

    One or two may read this thread and smile, as I bid on a very similar item, and a bit of an, er, 'issue' raised its head. I'm not revisiting that subject, but Buggsy was a star!

    It seems legit to me...... :?
  7. I have a nice little side line in camera lens that I some times sell on ebay. I prefer bank transfers to paypal for several reasons. I only have to wait 3 days before I get paid, unlike paypal where I have to wait upto 7 days. The banks does not charge for a money transfer unlike paypal. If the buyer pulls a fast one and says "item did not show" and I can prove it has (always post trackable) then some mong-goon at paypal can not debit my bank account and make my life hell.
    I do except paypal but I pass the charges on to the customer.
  8. That's fine mate, mien Deutsch ist shiesser!

    OK, he's only offering bank transfer so you're stuffed if you don't want to pay that way and he won't negotiate on that point.

    To clarify what I said earlier, the bank transfer is secure enough in itself, just you get no protection from Ebay other than leaving shitty feedback if the item doesn't arrive.

    His feedback looks good and he looks like an established seller less inclined to deliberately rip you off.

    He doesn't list postage for Europe, have you asked him how much to your place? As LordVonHarley says, ask for trackable postage.

    It's really down to how much you want the item and how much you're willing to risk on it (including postage cost). It looks ok to me but I'm not telling you where I live just in case :wink:
  9. I had a look at the item, too, Marco. As I said on your previous thread, I like to look at the seller's feedback and also at the other stuff they are selling or have sold. (I might not want to buy a telescope from someone who sells baseball caps.) I don't speak, read or write German, but it looks like this item is a sign? ....... and probably pretty unique? I notice that the ONE bidder he has at present has bought from him before. If I'm thinking of bidding on something of which I am unsure of the value (or "going-rate") I like to look at similar "completed" items. I notice that the German eBay (eBay.de), on which it is also listed, no longer seems to have completed items (Beedet? or Beendete? Angebots?) As counterstrike says, know what you're willing to pay.
  10. I cut and pasted the item number into ebay.co.uk and although the listing is in German all the rest is still in English and I can still access completed listings (you have to be signed in).

    Marco, just read your other thread and can understand the uncertainty!

    I also cut & pasted the text into a free translation service and got this:
    (My bold)
  11. Thanks counterstrike. I can see completed listings on eBay.co.uk. I noticed the item was listed on aBay.co.uk. It is also listed on eBay.de. I used to be able to see "beendet angebots"? (completed listings) on eBay.de, when signed in ....... but I can't anymore. There no longer appears to be a completed listings clicky on eBay.de. ......... it is an ex-clicky ..... it is deceased ..... it is no more.
  12. ok cheers. Sound advice from one and all, i think i will risk it for a biscuit. I really want the piece, and if it all goes pear shaped it's only me to blame!! Thanks everyone
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