URGENT - Commonwealth citizens' right to vote in UK

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by hackle, Feb 21, 2005.

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  1. Hi guys

    Interesting "Canadians and the British Army" thread on Army.ca website. Good to see there are several members of both Army.ca and ARRSE.

    That thread is nothing to do with elections, but it reminds me to repeat here that Commonwealth citizens serving in the British Armed Forces ARE entitled to vote in the forthcoming UK General Election. After all, it affects them too.

    The residence qualifications in order to vote are much easier to comply with than the rules for naturalisation, etc. If anyone is in doubt over whether their circumstances qualify, consult the local Council's Electoral Registration Officer or the national Electoral Commission -
    free helpline 0800 3 280 280.

    But you must be registered to vote - likely deadline 11th March.

    Everyone, please do whatever you can to get the message to all Commonwealth citizens serving in the British Armed Forces. Any questions, PM me or email hackle@hotmail.co.uk
  2. told the fellow colonials in my unit, none of em believed me until I showed em the website. downloaded all the forms (one for registering, one for postal vote) just gotta send the damn things off
  3. cdn_spr

    Good man! I don't blame your 'fellow colonials' for their 'ignorance', it must be very difficult for those trying to get by without ARRSE!

    But I am angry that this is obviously yet another another message which has not been passed to the people who need it.

    As you know, this is a point which I have been highlighting for some time in different topics on this site. I imagined the problem would apply particularly to Commonwealth citizens who have joined here fairly recently, but your post seems to imply that the lack of info is more general.

    How dare WE so willingly accept the services of Commonwealth citizens in HM Armed Forces, but not trouble our arrse to remind them that they can share in this most basic democratic right?

    You can do something about this, before it's too late. If there are Commonwealth citizens serving alongside you, please make sure they know they have the right to vote, tell them about the 11th March deadline, if possible, also tell them where they can get the registration form etc.

    (see links in HM FORCES VOTER INFORMATION topic)

    For anyone still in any doubt about this, read these quotes from www.aboutmyvote.co.uk :