Urgent - Cllr Chris Hunt

Name: Chris Hunt
From: Ashtead
E-mail: cllr.hunt@molevalley.gov.uk As part of my information-gathering for the committee meeting on 1st August, I have read all messages posted to date, and noted the suggestion that a decision-maker should visit Headley Court to see the injured who might use the proposed facility at 36 Grays Lane. I am the Deputy Leader of Mole Valley District Council and the Chairman of the Development Control committee, and I would be interested in knowing who to contact there to arrange a visit early next week before the committee meeting. Thank
Well this is a damn good thing. Can we arrange a visit for him ASAP?

Spumnky if you're up, can you put him behind a 'private' screen, before that bloody Cheeks woman screws this as well?
The Committee Chairman could decide that the most appropriate spokesperson is the person with the most support, if the situation is explained carefully to him. Mrs C's ridiculous comment could be used as evidence of her one-woman ego crusade. He may well have seen this before.
Has someone got comms with the HC CoC and knows which bod to call to facilitate this?
Is that a guestbook post, PTP? If so, has someone deleted cos I can't find it now :?
Yes Spunky , got AA to remove it last night :)

Have I got news for you.......... :D
PartTimePongo said:
Have I got news for you.......... :D
Come on, Angus, get that coke-induced grin off your face and spill all (I know, all in good time :) )
Spoken to Athol.

This is for us only , absolutely NOT for release outside.

No objector has registered to speak up to an hour ago , as confirmed to me by "A bloke wot knows these things". There were other bits, but Athol is probably talking about that at the moment.

If there is anything further, he will brief :)
Oh almost forgot . ITN at 9.30 this morning ..."No sorry , not really of any interest"

ITN at 13.30 "Errrrrr could you let us have some more details" lololol

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