Urgent Charity Appeal!!!

An aquaintance of mine has recently fallen on hard times.  Having survived 22 years colour service, the Ginger Death Camps and 6 month at Cosford, he now finds himself on the breadline.  Living in a shanty town on the Kent / Sussex borders he still travels into London daily to try and scrape a living for his poor family.

This seasoned intelligence analyst is well aware of the injustices of the Iraqi reigeme and is deeply frustrated that he will now never have the chance to go back and kick some  *rse.  ( downgraded by old darkroom chemical injury).

If it does kick off please keep this man in mind and keep an eye open on your travels for any of the following items , for this worthy charitable cause:

Durst Enlarger Laborator 1200< ( not the cheaper 600)
Hasselblad body  Especially with a new portrait lens & a digital back.

Ladies Rolex ( not the perpetual datajust)

Mac G4 powerbook Titanium if possible & Mac OS 7.9 at least.
A Merc 500 sel or M series, ( auto please)
Bosch dish washer
Any old rugs or tapestries
Byzantine Earthernware / Ceramics

I am assured this is a genuine case. Please contact any member of this charity for for further details,
( in their usual location on any Thursday night.)  
The charity also  has collection points in Muscat, Dubai and Kuwait)

If you know of any other items please add below.
( usual terms and conditions apply)
Having known said individual for nay on 25 years I find it incredible that you have only just heard of the insolvency of his lifestyle.  Having recently spent the New Year with the family I can confirm that indeed they are on the breadline.

The house drive was full with at least 4 high valued performance cars and two motorbikes!  Additionally, there appeared to be copious amounts of quality beers, wines and spirits in the cellar of the 5 bed roomed house with exceedingly large garden and unique water feature.  I put the vehicles down to being either an extension of the village visitor's car park or a HM Customs hard surveillance team investigating the import of excessive alcohol allowances!  

With regard to the appeal for Middle East shopping items I know that the individual is taking helicopter flying lessons at the moment in order to eventually commute into London therefore please add either a Augusto109E, Jetranger or Huey to the list.  Alternatively, a JCB digger (to complete the pool)  or the 3m Plasma TV (located just off the presidential romper room in Baghdad) for the new house extension would suffice.

PS - Allegedly, there is a fully equipped and armed FFR LR (circa 1991- was new) buried deep in the Iraqi desert at GR CANNOTREMEMBER.  If anyone finds it please contact any former member of 7 FIT.
New Year!!

China: you must have been pi55ed, that was the local garden centre, not his house.  (He must have some spare keys?)

Re the FFR:  I think you will find that FINCO BG South's pirog,
 outboard and Series II LWB are hidden somewhere up the Euphrates as well.

PS:  Have you seen the map store key recently??

PPS:  Plasma Screen:  That will certainly allow him to do justice to his collection of reportage and portraiture, he's got it on a couple of  DVDs now I understand.  If only he could get that break-  there's a Capa-esque coffee-table book hiding in there.


Not me mate.  Last seen around 88 in the possession of `Sandy Row Dock Green` following requests for 1:25,000 coverage of Central America - allegedly for long term resettlement operation. Could he not have got them from his bosses in the RSA ?

Additionally `Badger` also observed in that location frantically penning a JARIC request for vertical and oblique coverage of the FSU oilfields.
I didn't think we were supposed to discuss the Special Reconaissance Desert Group in public???

My non-disclosure signature looked deceptively like it said :

"The above is work of fiction and has no legal bearing on my future ambition to write a best selling novel, Jane's article, movie script or Panorama documentary"

Any way nobody reads this part of the forum other than journalists from the Sunday Times looking for a few inches of copy in order to door step some ex fishermen.

PS - I signed all 1033's by the way with yours!  The QM wants his chicken wire back !
I heard on Corps day that Me Old Chinagraph will shortly be named as the "main source" in a forthcoming media expose, regarding the "30 minute rule".

Except this time, the spin doctor is the one who kills himself.
just like MOC to lift that old Robot Star out of the BER bin and get it working again.
PPS: I hear that in his old age, he has lost his @rrse password again??
During my formative years I was fortunate to travel extensively throughout the United Kingdom. To this day I carry many fond memories of life in that country; many Governments and two generations ago.

None impressed me more than the quiet dignity of the Army Retired Attached-Arms, Bilingual Intelligence, Imagery and Security Technicians, ( ARAABIISTs) living around the Shepway area.

Few realise that may of the Marsh ARAABIISTs have now fallen on hard times, in their old age they have forgotten their passwords and some have even been disconnected for failing to pay their phone and broadband bills. Some have had to suffer the shame of sending their wives and children out to work, and can no longer face their neighbours in public. Such is the shame in the marsh community, of having one's wife work as a non-executive director.

Although I am thousands of miles away, please do not forget these poor, dignified people in a land that was once know as the garden of eden. :cry:

[ ..............well garden of england then]
Iraqi DMI

Have contacted said individual this evening and appraised him of your posting.

Far from me to educate you on the subtleties of OPSEC and the ease of open source research but he would be grateful if you could edit the post to the extent that at least the GR be toned down to at least county level soonest as he only gets the Sunday Times delivered by a newsagent and would not particularly wish a personal delivery of said broadsheet by its Irish or Tikrit correspondent!

His last comment to me before he slammed the telephone down and went down to his Summerhouse Armoury went something like “Does he not remember my wife’s family is from Sicily and I know where his kids go to school - I'll teach him something about choke points"

The family are far from on the breadline as my own sources indicate that a substantial windfall (always comes up smelling of roses) in the form of an uncle about to pass away in unfortunate circumstances is on the cards - must be that Italian family connection again !

Anyway nice to hear from you. Did the sale of the flat complex on the Syrian coast go through? Have not been around for some time as have been away on a `long look` – our ball and chain cousins still have not forgotten the fate that befell one of their natural flying countrymen some many years ago when it lost its head – and Ozzie thought he did it first with a bat !
Take That ...noted but I think you'll find he's a lot smarter than that.

anyway, I think it's quite admirable the way you Take That boys have come out in the Int Corps, in recent years.

Ben Bradshaw MP, sometime guest of the Wessex Bde officer's dining club, would be quite proud of your stand.

Doubtless your trip in Ozz left you a bit of time for a bit of cottaging in your Lederhosen. We still have the negatives from the Stasi files and don't forget that hot summers eveining in the Botanical Gardens :oops:
Iraqi_DMI said:
Take That ...
anyway, I think it's quite admirable the way you Take That boys have come out in the Int Corps, in recent years.:
are you saying that TTR is gay and has finally come out?
Good on you TTR, but remember, always wear protection. (oh and use lube, duty rumour says that its only the bobblely bit that hurts) but you probably know that anyway :twisted: :twisted:
Now in his twilight years a recently retired, but shot away , LE officer has recently completed the London Marathon in a stunning time of 8 hrs 27 mins. ( To save his blushes, I have missed out the 2 day prefix).

He still has some way to go to reach his sponsorship target of £10 and 12 shillings.

If you feel that you can dip into your credits just one more time in the name of a well deserving cause, PM me for details of the website for this folorn hope!!
I have several sacks of Guinness bottle tops which can be returned to the brewry for financial gain, I will donate these sacks but they need collecting. Guinness recycle these tops, they make very good crash helmets for racing pigeons. :lol:
Due to healthcare and business related meetings this individual is currently suffering atrocious human rights violations.

The Amnesty International regional office for London and the south east has reported serious concerns about the rights of some residents in the Marsh. Some Blue Badge holders are routinely missing Loose Women, up to twice a week!

All that is needed to end this suffering is a 320Gb Mac Mini and we only need to raise £649.
( + £635 for the 24" apple LED cinema display and the wireless keyboard to improve accessability) for this disabled user.

To end this misery all you have to do is sponsor one of the Network speakers at the next ICAREC event.

Please give generously for this worthy cause and bring this needless misery to an end
Whilst hundreds of poor travellers are stuck of disabled Eurostar trains, please spare a thought for some of the Marsh dwellers who have given up their time to support these poor stranded travellers.

Struggling to get into the tunnel, Using Target Recce packs over 20 years old, some of these stalwart Levellers have made their way into the tunnel to provide warm drink and food to stranded Eurostar passengers, at close to cost price !

Please give generously to this worthy cause.

£5 Buys a tin of boiled sweets and a packet of Biscuits AB
£10 buys a cheese processed toasty
£20 buys a warm Bacon Grill treat for a family of 4 or a warming Mulligatawny soup treat for up to 10 hungry passengers.

£100 buys an 8" x 10" photo of your family stuck on the train, on original Kenthene waterproof paper, as used by the SAS!

£500 buys a personalised photographic souvenir album and DVD of your family’s experience on the Eurostar *

Please give generously, many of the poor people of the Marsh have already missed several episodes of loose women AND given up their holiday to support these poor travellers, some of who have already had to give away their phones, iPods, cameras or even Laptops to offset the cost of these meagre rations.

* Copyright may apply
Last Chance to donate !
Those of you who have read the tributes to TMA aka: BJ Bartlett now have one final chance to make a charity donation http://www.justgiving.com/bjbartlett/ to his chosen charity, Pilgrims Hospice in Kent.

Have a good look at the settings before you donate, somehow I ended up being an anonymous donor so did not get chance to comment.

( I think its been better said on other threads anyway)

PS: Thats enough S Branch codes,

( although Standby, Standby would still be appreicated)
shameless bump for the weekend.

Many thanks once more to all those who have donated so far, total currently close to £767.00 with Gift aid !

Next target £999.00. Also thanks for your messages of support on this and other fora.

RWAC seems to have deep pockets on his C95 at the moment.

( I heard he has quite a lot building up in his credits----pay and paybook correct Sir!)
shameless bump for the weekend.

Many thanks once more to all those who have donated so far, total currently close to £767.00 with Gift aid !

Next target £999.00. Also thanks for your messages of support on this and other fora.

RWAC seems to have deep pockets on his C95 at the moment.

( I heard he has quite a lot building up in his credits----pay and paybook correct Sir!)
I can confidently state that this c/s will be adequately represented just as soon as it returns to something approaching civilisation.
After a flying start we seem to have tailed off a bit,over the weekend.

Come on you lurkers let's see the colour of your money for this worthy cause !

Seems with one notable 1* exception ( and well done Sir!) this guy was something of a stranger to many officers ?

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