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URGENT Call to Arms - Ghurkas



Okay so you now have an ex-matelot on this site!!

This, gentlemen (and ladies?) is a Call to Arms from your "sister" website, (take a look and visit the "Bootneck's Barracks" section).

A member of our site brought to our attention/reminded us of the plight of our brave allies the Ghurkas in trying to get justice from our Politicians in giving them a full Army pension.

I thought it would be a splendid idea if we joined forces and each website bombarded the government and local MP's with demands for a resolution to the matter.

I urge you all to get on your high horses and give the BASTARDS in Government hell for the shoddy way they are treating this loyal and brave band of men.

Who is going to be first over on our site to lend your support?

Best regards,

"Fletch the Matelot"

p.s. I DID serve with you guys on HMS Intrepid in '70/'71!!!  the Royal Signals guys were a great bunch.



War Hero
As much as your gut reaction is "equal to all", a pal of mine who served with the Ghurkas was against it.  He reminded me that a teacher in Nepal gets 50 quid or so a month, but a Pte in the Ghurka gets 20 times that amount, and this is causing an economic problem.  So for all Ghurka pensioners to get a full western work pension, apparently will knock the fragile economy off balance even more.

I'm no economist and I loved the time I served with Ghurkas, but it sounded like a fair point.

Maybe F_S can add to it?
With the previous post in mind, would it hurt HMG to support the Gurkha communities financialy instead of each individual soldier.  That way Britain could be seen to repay the debt we owe to these guys