*Urgent appeal to ARRSErs re Convoy and Riggers book*

ARRErs all,

On the Amazon website, some total knackerhead decided to post a negative review of Convoy and Rigger's marvellous book "Picking up the Brass".

Picking up the Brass, 25 Aug 2006
Reviewer: Psmugde "smudgerP" (Europe) - See all my reviews
What utter nonsense, never have i been so bored with some boring rubbish, i doubt these people were ever in the army. they are obviously dont know the difference between work and claiming to be ex soliders.

I would not recommend this trash to anyone

pete smith

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More seriously, this Pete Smith (it that is indeed his name) maintains in his review that Convoy and Rigger never even served in the British Army. Of course, it's the right of everywo/man to criticise something they perceive to be wrong or inaccurate. But this is supposed to be a review of the book itself and not an opportunity to blackball the authors.

Thus, what we need is for as many ARRSErs as possible to log in to Amazon and report the review as inappropriate (as I've already done). This will lead to it being removed.

So c'mon ARRSErs! Do yer stuff!!!

Thanks for making this a sticky, MODs. I originally intended to post it on the thread for the book itself, but I feared it wouldn't be read by enough people so I decided to plonk it on a separate thread.

Cheers folks. As Bugsy said, if someone doesn't like the book then they can write whatever they like about the literary content, but to call into question our time served was a step too far.
Thanks again to all those who helped and especially to Bugsy!
I spoke too soon! The review seems to have been reposted. I've reported it again and urge other ARRSErs to do the same.

This Pete Smith (what an imaginative name) seems to be clocking ARRSE as well. Maybe it's a disgruntled ARRSEr. But he's still a fückin' prize prick!
OK, the nasty review has gone again. If Mr Pete Smith who is clocking arrse wants to pm me, I care not. Bring it on.

I have said my tuppence worth on Amazon, and I am only up to page 91!!!

Bugsy, well done for bringing this up.
Having now just finished my copy I can say that it was both interesting and very well written. Humour and the everyday tales of woe, wisdom and wit in the forces. :D

Now lent it to my father. Well done folks for a bloody good read. :lol:

Dear ARRSErs,

I know this is a little off-topic, since I started this thread to enlist your help in getting rid of a particularly nasty and uncalled-for review by some toad called Pete Smith.

However, I've started a thread on U75 about Convoy and Rigger's book and if any of you are also subscribers there and would like to contribute, it's here:


A bit of backup wouldn't go amiss. :D :D :D



Kit Reviewer
Interesting to see that your username there and 'spentcase' have both been banned straight off.

Tell me you hadn't registered twice.

Just got back off Hols where i read the book. I think everyone thought i was some sort of loony lying by the pool, body in spasms trying not to piss myself laughing. Good read lads, judging by the ending i feel the adventures in BAOR may be a work in progress. Only one critisism, f*cking thing fell apart in the 50 degree heat.
Cutaway said:
Interesting to see that your username there and 'spentcase' have both been banned straight off.

Tell me you hadn't registered twice.

Cutsy, I didn't register twice! Why should I? If you read the thread (it's now in the Dustbin, for those of a curious nature), you'll see that there's nothing at all on there that, even remotely, could prompt me to take such a course of action. Quite apart from the fact that, until this happened, I didn't even realise you COULD register twice. I'd always thought that once you were in the system, any repeated URLs would be rejected.

Anyway, I've fired off an e-mail to U75, complaining bitterly about this monstrous miscarriage of justice, so I'll just have to wait on events.