Moodybitch said:
Psywar's link to both photo's has an error and cannot be opened!

What shall we do - anyone got means of contacting him??
What's the link?
I have saved a copy of the pic he posted in the media bikes thread and am getting our graphic designer to covert to high res printable format - hopefully that will work!
should be ok. TBH it's not fine detail you need anyhow. as long as it's clear and legible you should be fine. Plus there'll be loss in the printing process.
Our guys cant do it as the image is too small - its really pixelated and will be worse when blown up to actual size required.

sent to the printer who did leaflets to see what he can do on it, but I really need some help on this......virobono perhaps??
What are you getting when you try the link? It's showing "transferring data" here with a blank screen. So it may simply be that it's a HUGE file and taking time.

If he's done it to full print quality it's going to be tens (or hundreds) of MB. Anyone on a decent broadband connection who can click it and just leave it open in the background for half an hour or so to see what happens?
My lovely printer bloke has possibly saved the day!

He has reworked from the orginal link (feck knows how he opened it) at their end and has saved so that the mediabike company can upscale and print to size.

I must say I had a "macaroni pants" moment for a while there.

Fingers crossed.

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