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Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by toffeeman, Sep 27, 2012.

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  1. Morning all,

    Today is my last day in the army (on JPA, I'm actually on terminal leave in my civvi address), it's my battalions 'tradition' for a leaver to see the CO on their last day for a goodbye kiss or whatever it is they want to do!

    Now sometimes the CO is not available on that date so the meeting date may vary. Now I've been on leave for a good 3 months away from my unit with no contact from them whatsoever...I text an nco to find out when co's would be but got no reply. Until yesterday at midday when my plt sgt text me to ASK if I could make it down to my unit tomorrow (now today). I informed him I couldn't because I'm skint and my car is off the road but I'd be happy to come down on Friday or next week for co's goodbye meeting. My unit is based 230 miles away from my home.

    He got back to me around 1500 to inform me the CSM wants me at my unit in a suit by 0730 the next morning and doesn't care how im meant to get there (typical). He also said I can't rearrange it because when I'm out I can't come back so it had to be today.

    Upon hearing this I tried to call my plt sgt to explain that it was impossible for me to get there on less than a days notice with no money, not to mention trains don't leave early enough for me to get there by 0730 so id have to leave the night before which would leave me without accommodation or food.

    In the end I stop trying to contact anyone at my unit as any explanation would have fallen on deaf ears either way.

    Here's the good part...I've awoken this morning with a text telling me to call my CSM and if I fail to do so I will be posted as AWOL!? Now givin that I'm no longer in the army as of tomorrow can I be posted as AWOL? I don't want them to tell the police I'm missing without informing them I'm actually out the army as they'll arrest me anyway I suppose.

    Now what should I do guys...do I HAVE to report to my unit before leaving? More importantly can they post me as absent after my termination date? Or can I shrug this off as scare mongering?
  2. .
    I can't think why you're getting out.
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  3. Nope.....And if they try to post you AWOl.......Ohh the fun you could have :)
  4. Just checking to see if the grass is greener mate! Funnily enough it is, I've practically walzed into much better paid job without the risk and danger of having to eat range stew.
  5. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    It sounds like you did the right thing - signing off at a unit like that. If what you say is true - it does sound awful.

    Tricky one, because technically you're still a member of HM Forces until the day after your last day of Term Leave - and therefore need to follow orders (to a degree). But being recalled from leave is usually only ever done when the operational requirement dictates.

    My direction would be to phone your UWO and explain what a predicament you're in - both financially and logistics.

    PS - Your CSM sounds like a chump.

    PPS - Good luck in Civvy St
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  6. I've been out nearly 20 years and range stew is one of the things that I miss!
  7. Ok so I can call the CSM and tell him he's talking shit and I don't have to do anything?

    I just want to know that by 'law' the army have no rule over me after my termination date?
  8. So to summarise then,

    blah blah blah......text message..........blah blah ......text...........blah blah.........bollocks...........no money.....text, awol.

    I will condense it all for you.........

    Your a ****.
  9. If today is your last day on terminal leave and so your last day in the Army, what can your unit realistically do? Once you hit civilian strasse tomorrow, you cannot be Awol can you? Your CSM sounds like a prize chump... It would be courteous to say 'goodbye' to your CO, but if he hasn't bothered his arrse up until now, why should you? As the old adage goes, a crisi son your part doesn't constitute an emergency on mine.
  10. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    Toffeeman - it's not worth doing anything stupid - just in case. Please, speak to the UWO and tell them the situation. Coming from you, your chain of command will just shrug it off as a load of bone excuses. Coming from Captain 'LE' it will sound like a genuine case for letting this one go.

    Worse thing you can do at this point is rattle anyone's cage too loudly. Just leave quietly, and reflect on the fact that you seemingly made a good decision that will effect the rest of your life.

    Don't forget to smile when you do so too!
  11. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    osta - you ARE the CSM in question and I claim my five extras!
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  12. Mate you don't know the half of it! Ok thanks for the advice. I'm aware I'm the army's today but not tomorrow so technically I cant give them bird just yet! However I'm in a good position to explain my predicament.

    I just don't want to call my CSM as it'll be day 1 week 1 all over again! I'm in desperate need of some shit deflecting legal comebacks..i.e 'actually sir under army law 2.4 paragraph 5 you can't touch this', I might even start playing mc hammer down the phone to him.

    Seriousley though thanks for the advice, I will call my UWO.
  13. Cant you speak to your Adj? Or maybe even the Chaplain? (Being serious here).
  14. Not being funny but if certain members of your unit can contact you by phone, why can't your CO call you to say "I'd have prefered it if we could have met before your final day but I understand that is difficult, so goodbye and enjoy civvy street"?
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  15. To be honest mate my unit is a guards unit so the likes of the adj aren't approachable (even by phone), he'd just mirror the CSMs sentiments no doubt.

    It isn't drastic enough for the padre just yet though! Thanks anyway the WO is sounding like the best bet here.