Urgent advice needed.

Hi. Well i'll get to the point.

I just recieved a nasty cut to my hand and the nurse told me that I must stay off it until it heals. But the real problem is that I have an army fitness assessment this saturday and don't see how I can do the press ups and heaves to the beam without damaging my hand further. I could just tell my recruiter, but its my third attempt and he told me that its my last chance to pass the test. so what I wanna know is do you think he will give me another month, or just say hard luck?
Scrap trying to join the Army and become a butcher............then you might not cut your ickle wickle handy wandy

Depends on how much you're determined to get in. If you really want it, go to the assessment (mention your hand to the medic/PTI so that they don't get dropped in the sh*t) and give it your best go. If the staff say your hand is too bad, they'll probably give you another date to try.

If you really don't want to join, just admit it. It's better to change your mind now than in a few weeks time.
Thanks that sounds better than becoming a butcher.... but actually im completely determined to join but the cut has gone through half my thumb and ripped the flesh off two other fingers. the nurse said i will rip it back open if i use it at all, and are they gonna let me carry on if my hand starts pouring all over the place?
Let the staff decide - just don't mention that it was due to the bottle breaking badly outside the pub at 11:30 last Friday night ;)

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