URGENT advice needed

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by millwall ken, Nov 29, 2010.

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  1. Hi all,
    I'm trying to catch someone out at work whom I believe to be a faker. Can someone please tell me whether Kate still issues discharged personnel a 'red book', or whatever it may be called in this day and age. And if not, when did they stop issueing it. I know that by asking for someones serial no is an indication of whether they are talking b*******, because MOD change the first few digits every few years but any help would be grately appreciated guys.
  2. Oh dear.

    Ken, there is so much wrong with that post mate.
  3. Such as? perhaps you'd be good enough to enlighten me mate.
  4. I got a red book
  5. mine have all got dust covers on
    hang on i'll take a look
  6. i've got a couple of blue ones, a black one and i found a red one too
    what do i win?
  7. A question, with a genuine thirst for knowledge.
  8. No silly, I was talking about the one that Eamonn Andrews used to present. Stupid me, for getting it mixed up and asking a stupid question.
  9. Why don't you have the bollocks to tell him to his face that you think he's a bluffing ****? Instead of trying to go on a ridiculous witch hunt.

  10. Read the wise words and shoo!
  11. Er, maybe because work politics has something to do with it... And never mind the fact that he is one of my direct line managers. Now, why don't I openly challenge the ****? Yer, great idea mate!!! Challenge someone, whom has been on the firm for over 10 yrs!!! Challenge him in private then? Done that matey, by asking him about his serial No, and it was that that made me sus of him. But what the **** do I know er?
  12. Why the **** is this urgent advice?

    Anyway, there is a thread on ARRSE somewhere, posted by WasMe. He left as a Warrant Officer and it took him, from what I remember, months to get hold of his red book. My own red book was littered with mistakes, but I can't be arrsed to change it because I know it will be a complete balls ache trying to get it rectified. So just because there is something up with his red book doesn't mean he's telling lies.
  13. The red book has a serial number? I've had mine for five years and I didn't know that. Listen to the advice given thus far Millwall Ken, and give it up mate.
  14. Don't be getting so het up then if you have to hide behind those excuses. Regardless of his position there is a way to ask and find out. Clearly you haven't got the gumption or the bollocks. Why don't you go and ask on the RAF thread, they're normally bereft of moral courage so should be able to advise you personally.
  15. Mate, I didn't say that I've ever seen his red book. But he reckons that his serial no. began with the numbers 249 - which surely would have made him an entrant in '92-'93, NOT 89-90 when he claimed.