URGENT (21 FEB) for users of other websites - MOD LEAFLETS

For members of other British Armed Forces unofficial websites, please see:


ARRSE would be delighted if you would like to supply that link on other websites, who can help get the message to servicemen and women during the limited time remaining.

Would you please read carefully the "republishing caveat" before doing so.

If the MOD publish the leaflets (produced by the Electoral Commission) on their own website, we can hardly quarrel with anyone who publishes a direct link to that.

However, so long as the main sources remain this website and the website of someone who happens to be one of our members, it would be irresponsible of others to use the scanned images without permission;

thus unfortunately concealing from mobilised reservists and other special cases the other voter information available here on ARRSE.

Any questions, PM me soonest please.

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