Urgebt help needed please

Try this if you havent already:
Driffield Camp,
North Humberside
YO25 9HD

Tel 01377 253548
Cheers mate, already tried. Thats the only contact I have, that and a number on the form from anuual camp which is wrong !
Hope you going to boot his arrse for telling you porkies mate?
Amazing how 30 minutes ago I drove past the acf place and no one was there

Now he turns up at his aunties house saying he's just been dropped off


The question is do I use the 5 iron or the soldering iron to investigate further >?
He's obviously either met a bird on camp who has a free house on the Monday, or didnt go and went on an all weekend bender.

Id reccomend a 3 Wood, it makes more of a satisfying hollow sound.

Do let us know what he's been up to.


War Hero
Maybe he took E n E a bit too seriously. :wink:

Lol, nah, I don't know what he's like, but that happened to me, I'd have pulled :D honest.

Oh, and with the interrogation front, you dont want to use nething thats hard to get the blood out of the grooves, it could affect your game. Choose a nice metal basball bat, wipe clean! :D Ooo, and avoid the face. They start asking questions :wink:
What county is he with Polar? Seeing as its driffield I imagine one of those nearby
I have a few contacts Polar, I can try and find out the details of the camp if you need.
Its ok had it confirmed last night that he was really away pissing wet thru in a tent in Ripon for the whole three days

Cheers everyone for the responses

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