Urban Sniping Suit

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Voltiguer, Apr 29, 2009.

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  1. From 2:17 onwards, in the buildings, they don something unusual:


    Not sure what doc thats off but worth a watch all the same.

    Now is that the 'Urban Sniping Suit' I read about and saw a piccy of whilst idly perusing an old copy of 'The Infantryman' a while ago? Any snipers here to confirm if it ever got introduced into service?

    Or is it something snipers make up themselves, like ghillies? A snowsuit jacket spraypainted grey, perhaps :?

  2. Is it a snow camouflage suit painted up?
  3. It certainly looks like one.
  4. Thought it might be that but then again I'm sure I remember reading in The Infantryman from 05 or thereabouts a bit on ITDU where they had an urban sniping suit.

    Thing is I think that one had different colours for bricks, as well as the grey. Might've had trousers too, I can't remember.

    Whatever it is it seems pretty effective at breaking up the outline.
  5. Which is all that really matters. Otherwise we would have different coloured clothes for every environment on the training area.

    I think just ditching the Grass and throwing on a Scrim would have had a good enough effect and the white cape was to look good on tele. Otherwise I wanna check his kit for his red brick cape and his black tarmac suit.
  6. Snow suit, masked with chunky mesh fabric then sprayed grey. Remove the mesh and voilà - Urban Cam!
  7. Its a snow suit painted and a old us desert night parka also painted
  8. It's come a long way. first time I ever saw someone in an urban sniper suit he was wearing wranglers and a parka
  9. They have to be taking the pesh.

    Seriously that must be a laugh!
  10. Bet they sell loads.
  11. Can you imagine that during field craft lesson one.

    "Okay boys. Fcuk off into the tree line get into all round defence and cam up using the buddy buddy system"

    Enter stage left the Human Rubble Pile complete with a real brick stuck in his helmet straps and a Plank of wood sellotaped to his gat.
  12. Brilliant. Truly laughing my parts off here! :D
  13. Put me down for one of each...if GW's Girlfriend ever found I'd been wasting good money on that tat I'd need it to hide from her so she didn't remove certain parts of my anatomy...with a staple gun!!!

    Hang on, if I don't buy it I'm safe anyway....job done 8O