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Evening all, quick question.

In a thesis on three difficulties in operating effectively in an urban environment using a historical illustration is it absolutely mental to leave out the presence of non combatants and associated ROE.

At present i've got effects of 3-D operating environment, intense nature of urban combat with associated psychological and physical stress and importance of small unit cohesion, morale, training. It's just my background is the battle of grozny, and by most accounts the ruskies weren't exactly switching from red to green too often.

I am aware though western armies would place a slightly higher importance to it, so if you had to pick three reasons what would they be?


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*Looks around for an adult*

Your asking for three reasons why you should include presence of non combatants and associated ROE In a thesis?

Or three reasons to take into account the presence of noncombatants and ROE etc to ensure the effectiveness of operations in an urban environment?

god confused myslef typing that...
If you were to list from 1-3 in terms of importance do you think you could omit the presence of non combatants and the associated ROE. Or is it of such paramount and fundamental importance to operating effectively in Urban environments that it has to be included.


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I think it should be included...

As a someone who has operated on OP Telic in Tanks I know on many occasions that this hinders OUR ability to fight and kill the enemy... albeit COIN ops are vastly different to that of those faced by the Russians or even the early American tactics up tut north... Stories of Vipers/Pythons being fired up streets to "win the fire fight" :) say it all. Rumbling about Basrah in 70 tonnes of killing machine it was our number one priority to limit/have no collateral damage.

The ROE state, Or card even, dominates the way in which we fight and rightfully so. However in modern conflicts it can also have a negative effect on our effectiveness... You could also say that if for example we are fighting under CARD A, and we do not incur any CIVPOP casualties we are in fact operating effectively...

It’s a difficult one to elaborate on but the very nature of fighting in an urban environment means you will encounter non combatants and will have the ROE tightened at every opportunity to ensure those mentioned are not injured.

imo :)
yep thought so, cheers for your input very helpful.

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