Urban Myths

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Sam_Fisher, Dec 21, 2005.

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  1. Can anyone confirm or deny the following stories that were going around the Corps years ago.
    1. A bloke in Germany in the late 70's early 80's changed his name to Tarquin Bivouac-Gyroscope by deed poll to feck off his SSM.
    2. Another bloke in Germany, early 80's painted his CVRT completely black after being told there wasn't enough black on the original paint job.
    I would like to think that they are true but somehow I doubt it.
  2. I was told by a semi reliable source on Op Granby about the first story you mention.

    I've been telling the story since, I hope its true because I'll look a right bluffing cnut if not :D
  3. Well not having been around that long can't confirm or deny these stories ...but I have served with a guy who changed his name to
    LEVI AMEDUS .....something or other! U get the idea!!!

    and my mates CRARRV had big masive pick spot's painted on it in Telic1 much to his annoyance.....but we all thought it was funny!!
  4. I was in Germany at that time and that's the first I've heard of it? So I call Myth! :D
  5. Didn't the Hildders mob do something like this, and call themselves the Drac Pack?
  6. The gentleman in question was one so called Air Trooper "Dusty" Miller. He was in 652 Sqn and did this back in 1981 to help in his bid to be kicked out. It certainly worked. Last heard of he was seen at a hotel in the states by a pilot from 1 Regt in the mid 90's. He had gone to the states to make his living and eventually did so by pretending to be an Oil Millionair to women. He was apparrently arrested in Nevada, gambling some womans fortune away. He was jailed for 10 years. The info gained regarding his time in the States is however unsubstantiated, but is from a reliable source.

    Remember seeing Dusty fighting a SSgt in the hangar. The SSgt is now dead. Got drunk and fell down the stairs to the Mess Bar in Hildesheim. Scouser he was and always hammered. He was a top geezer though. Used to wear Deardrie sized glasses that were definately the reason spec savers was formed. Anyway, the SSgt gave him a pasting and made him buy a yellow (Herforder Pils) handbag instead of taking it up the chain of command and having him charged.

    That doesnt happen nowadays. The lawyers and everything come out now and sue for all sorts.

    Then there was the bloke who would get dressed up as "The Scarlet Bladder" and shoot arrows at the CO on exercise (Active Edge) His father owned a fortune in Ireland and he would also wear a smoking Jacket in the block and play old 78's on a gramaphone player with wind up handle. His name was Slugs Carter. He would play a flute around Hannover Town centre dressed as the Pied Piper of Hamellyn. He would have a piece of string with fur attached to his foot and drag it along. He used to make a fortune cos the locals thought he was brilliant.

    The CVRT thing is not known about.

    Was in the banana from 81 to 89.
  7. 1. I heard that the Tarquin story was about a bloke in Detmold.
    I do remember seeing a BAT who used to frequent the NAAFI bar with a cardboard box over his head and pencils out the sides, trying to work the ticket.

    IMHO name change = Myth.

    2. Early '80's BAOR awaiting the mighty hoards of the Red Army to roll down the vallies nicely into the 'eggs'!.
    I do remember the MT's were never short of black IR paint.
    IR paint, what was that all about and what exactly did it do painted onto a vehicle with exhausts, engines, people, brakes and BVs ?

    Black CVRT = good possibility

  8. A completely different 'urban myth' is the one about the alligators. Was anyone there who can confirm the stupidity of the man concerned?
  9. it is 100% cast in stone, heard with my very own ears - true

    same fella came out with other gems like dismantle those weapons and remantle them over there...

    also patrol the inner rimiter and the outer rimiter etc etc

    thank fcuk that chap from 3 regt took it upon himself to half kill him.

    If I'm not mistaken the 654 AAC gulf badge said, desert alligators-together we will remantle Kuwait :D
  10. Did his sir name begin with "G". If so he was my boss for a time at 1 regt. Was indead a top bloke.
  11. Warden, I remember hearing about this chap on arriving at 7 Flt mid 80's, such was his legend status (memory blast!). I can remember a bloke at 1 Regt who used to cam up for the duration of the exercise by painting a CND symbol in cam cream on his face. Was that him?

    And (if I remember correctly), the Drac Pack was formed by Batco (RiP) and Lance, complete with fake vamp teeth and cape's, seen driving around German Hamlets on top of a Sultan flapping the cape's around, vampire styleeee. Or was it all a myth?
  12. Not heard that one, more please. Last I heard(although it was a long time ago) he was a security manger at Heathrow! 8O
  13. Jinxsy, I think the guy who died having fallen down stairs was Scouse Ga**ry.
  14. Another thing that twat said in the Gulf was when they were firing the MLRS on the horizon he came out of his CP and looked . Then he said "Feck me whos firinf shermulies at this time of night" Fecking priceless
  15. Warden,
    Was there any truth in the rumour of the bloke in Hilders who had a crocodile in the block and then threw it away into the local pond in town.