Urban myth of Basra?

Discussion in 'Iraq (Op TELIC)' started by two_of_seven, Jul 31, 2011.

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  1. I have heard this story from two separate sources & cant help wondering if there is any truth in it.

    Essentially one UK base /op was being shot at practically every night by Iraqui sniper /s & there was nothing they could do to prevent it, as machine guns & heavier weapons weren't to be fired into civilian residential areas.

    About the 4th night the gate guard received a message from HQ that a visitor would be coming to the gate & was to be admitted without identity check.

    A bearded chap with an AK & large bergan was duly admitted,with a "posh" UK accent, went up to the roof, setup some equipment including a large sniper rifle, when the enemy fire commenced, he shot the enemy shooters, proceeded to pack up his equipment & left by the same gate, apparently without vehicle or companions.

    Is this in the same group as the RA OC's dog who got shot out of a gun. busload of nurses etc, or has someone got a source for this one?
  2. You need to read "Sniper one "
  3. Did you write it Tropper ? Just wondered like :biggrin:

    Kind regards,

    R M
  4. Chapter 23 pages 272-287 (softback)
  5. Roger do keep up we all know "Sniper Dan" wrote it
  6. Apparently it's not as good as 'Tropper66'.
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  7. yes, but that's your 'pen name' isn't it?
  8. daywalker

    daywalker LE Kit Reviewer

    That story was somewhat embellished on it that book IMHO.
  9. **** that. In the best traditions of the er, US, Army we just gave it beans and encouraged our neighbours to move out on Telic 4.

    Although considering we lost the war in Iraq maybe I shouldn't brag as it was us (The British Army, not me I was on herrick by then so blame some other ******) who had to move out.
  10. I shaved that very morning and I don't have a 'posh' accent... doh, have I given myself away?