Urban Myth,? I thought he said 20 Players and two gins?

Telegraph website on friday was carrying an item about an a road rage incident in these sandy parts. Mysteriously the URL now points to a different story!

Gist is that some unrully local motorists took exception to a much decorated and respected ex serviceman, driving about on his normal business.

Unprovoked shots were fired at this retired war pensioner, who, after provocation and several warnings, had no option but to defend himself.

The local motorists continued to press home their attack resulting in 2 of them being immediately dispatched to paradise, a third who rashly continued to close, followed shortly, in a more personal and environmentally friendly fashion.

Our retired ex serviceman is now recovering from a GSW to the leg. Suspect that if this action was in service of the Crown, someone should be drafting a citation?

Much respect to one of life's "quiet men", "Take it easy" and speedy recovery.

The moral of the story is: Don't try and fcuk with these boys when they are on the way to an imortant barbeque !!!
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