Urban Moving Systems

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pp0470, Aug 29, 2011.

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  1. Think Urban Moving Systems case has been well documented, google it if you are not familiar.

    Who is familiar with the case involving Moving Systems Incorporated?

    I read about it for the first time tonight:

    Fill in the blanks and I think we now know the intended destination of the 4th plane.


    This is the icing on the cake for my conspiracy theory - Israel knew of 9/11 plot and did nothing to prevent it.

    Any other opinions or explanations please? I'm all ears...
  2. After you with the crack pipe please!
  3. And any comment on the facts, or just derailing drivel?
  4. Yeah the Jews did it.

    Or human reptiles.

    Or is that just what they want us to think?

    Please stop drinking paint before posting.
  5. 'The Jews did it'? hmmm.

    What about 5 Israelis arrested after been seen & heard celebrating the WTC attacks?

    Or seperately 3 Israelis arrested with video containing extensive zoom in shots of the Sears Tower; a very likely target of the 4th plane hijacked on 9/11?
  6. A month after the attacks is a bit late for carrying out a recce, isn't it?
  7. It appears from the article that the 3 Israelis were arrested a month after 9/11, but also states that the video of the Sears Tower they were carrying is from an indeterminable date.

    The article does not suggest that they were recce-ing the Tower, but filming it to capture a terrorist attack - as the other 5 Israelis were doing in New York on 9/11.

    One group working for Urban Moving Systems, the second group working for Moving Systems Incorporated.