Urban Infantryman of the Year

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Sixty, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    This'll either work brilliantly or die on it's arse very quickly but what the hell.

    Around this way the more discerning Gentleman of the Road are prone to a bit of dress up in military gear (think velcro and army surplus shop explosion) and I presume this is true of Harry Ramps the UK over. There are several specimens that I'd like to record for posterity - one is captured below - and this will be added to.

    The idea is to use your skills of stealth and daring and get some photographs of your local vaguely mil themed vagrants and we can judge the best and offer some sartorial advice.

    To get the ball rolling, may I present Albert Afrika Korps?


    Over to you.
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  2. You were on your way to the strip club over the road?
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  3. Damn, I missed snapping a bloke yesterday going over Eton bridge in desert smock, segged brown shoes (well polished but not shiny) and trousers that looked very No2 ish.
  4. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    Yeah! Clunge, lager and private dances are how I roll....

    Not that I was actually heading to the College of Art, oh no indeedy.
  5. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    That wasn't a tramp. That was the CO of the Eton Rifles
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  6. You realise this thread will be swamped with photos taken outside TA Centres at 9.30pm on a Wednesday?
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  7. I'll try and get a shot of The Commodore but it will take a few days.

    He hangs round Albert road in Southsea. He wears various military uniforms and sits in cafes swearing to himself.
  8. There's an old guy around Faversham who can regularly be seen in Wetherspoons sporting a Para Regt beret, ragged old DPM smock, 95 trousers in desert or DPM with worn out old boots who drinks himself into a stupor most days. Sometimes he can be heard just asking for an orange juice because he's 'on duty', n all the chav girls on a Friday night will get him to salute.

    I feel kinda sorry for the guy.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Here's another tramp in uniform, just to help things along.

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  10. cap.jpg Buy your own, find local dosser and supply with new kit, free hat can also be used to collect spare pennies that would be thrown at them. Cheap at the price. Charge a nominal fee for pics from tourists.
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  11. Twice in the last week I've seen a bloke cutting around Exeter high street in dessies and chest rig. The weirdo.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Here we are. More folk down on their luck and wearing uniform:

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  13. The weedy resolution of your photographic apparatus precludes zooming-in to identify the road sign - but that's most certainly a pole dancing club.
  14. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    Yes, I know. It's the Burke & Hare - one of the strip clubs in the 'pubic triangle'.

    Was walking past on my way to ECA rather than towards.
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