URAL- something COMPLETELY different . . .

Not really certain worth starting a whole new, dedicated thread . . . but, I did not want to divert an established thread.

Someone may appreciate the attached link :) . . .




You can’t register the Ural 2WD in UK as the sidecar is on the “wrong” side. The version without a driven sidecar wheel is available with sidecar on left
I keep wanting to have one and then keep changing my mind. Perhaps when I win the lottery...
I had a rhind tutt outfit with a triumph motor in ( motorcross outfit) road legal.
it was massive fun in unexpected ways and an utter hoot on green lanes.
providing they have got the old Soviet era build quality issues sorted ,
( main bearings.made of cheese) these look a slightly more civilised alternative.


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When I was a kid there was a light blue one of these dumped in a car park near Marsworth reservoir.

We used to go and play on it. I always wanted one.

Still got my eye on one as a possible route back into biking that hopefully won’t involve me falling off.

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