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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by boney_m, Jul 16, 2004.

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  1. Direct quote from this months Soldier Mag:

    "As a newly qualified Yeoman of Signals i am looking forward to the challenges the job will bring. It not only has career advantages but also includes a nice pay incentive by way of a bonus on completion of the course.

    However, the system for paying the increase that i will also get is totally unacceptable.

    My unit pay staff have informed me i will be subsidised by the Regiment because of well-documented issues caused by Pay 2000 follow-on work.

    Those of us affected are obliged to sign monthly for an increment to our wages to bring the balance up to what it should be.

    I would like to think in this climate of modern technology and having reached the rank and appointment of Yeoman of Signals that i would not be forced to stand at the pay counter with junior soldiers signing for money.

    SSgt YofS J R

    OK mate, point taken but get used to it, havent been paid my increment since 2001.

    Dont have a problem with your letter to Squaddie as a whole, but i have to laugh at how much of a d1ck you've made yourself look with the last paragraph of your letter.

    Did attendance on the YofS course expempt you queueing? Is your pay problem more important than the Junior Soldiers your forced to queue with? And at the end of the day, whats the problem with queueing with Junior Soldiers? The're quite nice these days, wash themselves and everything!! Its also a good opportunity to get amongst the lads.

    I fully expect that squaddie have paraphrased your letter and made you look a tawt. I understand the problem your going through, i'm in the same boat. But if you actually wrote that, please have a chat with yourself. The last paragraph is the most pretentious bunch of arrse i've read in ages.

  2. Hey dont be too tough he was probably only a Cpl before he started the course anyway...

    Having to jump 2 ranks and bear the humiliation of getting paid wrong, its tough at the top.

  3. And having to queue behind Juniors at the same time :wink:
  4. Poor fellow.

    I've had to que for pay as a lowly Signal Officer with the rank of Major.

    Should have become a YofS instead.
  5. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Hey before we have any more comments, I hope you are all of suitable rank to appear in the same thread as me on Arrse. i would hate to have to share my comments with anyone as low as a junior rank.

  6. Que?

    Manuel - it's you!
  7. OH MY GOD
    A SSGT being forced to stand in line...terrible!
    Does he get one of his men to do his kit as well?

    He should get out from up his own arrse, stop being a cnut and realise that standing in line is what us British do!
    After all being a senior rank he is expected to set an unassailable example of manners!
    Do ALL YofS forget what mummy and Daddy taught them...or does blandford indoctrinate a god complex into them?
    Hope it doesnt happen to Boney M and IS ski geek!

    The mans obviously a TAWT
  8. Sprog YofS has without doubt come across as a bit of an arrse !!!! He will learn.

    When we have all finished shredding him for the bone comment perhaps we could look at the issue he was probably trying to get across and some points to come out of it.

    In this day and age it is laughable that our pay system is such a pile of crap – having been recently Commissioned; I have also spent considerable time in recent months standing waiting with the boys for my pay to be sorted. Considerable time and effort was put in by the pay staff at the unit I left and the unit I arrived at. The system and the people at Glasgow just could not respond to what should be a fairly common occurrence; where you would think a well practiced set of procedures would be established to ensure that things progressed smoothly.

    It’s also quite sad that he felt compelled to air his gripe in Soldier Mag. A couple of years ago I would have had a pop at him for doing this. However, recently I saw a Commanding Officer twitching big time and pulling out all the stops to get an answer to a soldiers problem AFTER Soldier mag wrote to him to give him the opportunity to reply in the same issue !

    It would appear that Soldier Mag is the way ahead when you finally have enough of being shafted by bone systems or Jobsworths who interpret the so called rules and regs in their own little way – plenty of this goes on in RAO depts !!!!!

    Finally for those of you who look at things like this and can only come up with comments like he was only a Cpl 18 months ago are in danger of looking more foolish than he has (and are probably thicker than a whale omelette).

    Bottom line is that he is now a SSgt and has got there on his own merit and by showing he has the intelligence and ability. If you couldn’t then tough sh%t !!
  9. Agreed (partly), (pause for effect)
    However, if the said gent actually had shown the forethought and common sense, that he has obviously showed in order to pass his YofS course, then he would have spoken to the pay staff in order to sort the by now well known issues left by pay 2000. And arranged a more suitable time to receive payment.
    The point of the argument is (from my own perspective) that the gent in question objected to standing shoulder to shoulder with his subordinates.
    I am in no way any where near finished with giving the guy a shredding, because he has just proved, to Joe Public that the very essence of teamwork is sadly lacking within our corps.
    He has confirmed, albeit in a minor way that the Corps and the Army as a whole is the anachronistic, antiquated, snobbish organisation that it is often stereotyped as.
    For that he deserves all he gets!
    We are not in the age of the Napoleonic wars, or so we are trying to convince the outside world !
    He could have used his experience in a positive manner, by explaining to the junior ranks (with whom he is so unwilling to mix) that mistakes do happen, and they are, in the majority of cases solved with alacrity, albeit with a little inconvenience to those concerned.
    I would rather stand in line and receive a payment than receive NAFF ALL.

    The man is a SSGT....BUT , .....ONLY a SSGT.
    Why does he await treatment as if he were a colonel or something?
    He is not an immortal, just a larger cog in the big machine.
  10. A bit touchy there mate, is he your own YofS by any chance.

    A bit of in house taking the p1ss going on thats all.

    Yes he has a problem with his RAO and "nice one" for taking action, but its a a big WHAAAAAR for this comment...

    Like they system becomes more robust the higher up the chain of command you get. As for signing for the money with subourdinates, so what. EVERYONE knows the pay system is far from perfect, maybe he should arrange for a private (get it!!) session with the pay clerk.

    Mistakes in pay etc are made often and become a knights quest to sort out. I cannot see how you would lose face/respect becuase of this.
  11. Already has. The geek was seen yesterday climbing into his oversized Volvo wearing a waxed jacket apparantly going shopping for labradores. He's also been heard to mutter BBJP isnt fit to serve in the same trade group.

    Seriously tho, the boys point is fair enough. Anyone who has crossed from lower to higher pay band due to a trade change needs to have a chat with the pay people (it may however involve queueing with juniors :wink: ).

  12. I shall discuss this point with the geek as soon as i can wangle a
  13. I dont think they run RD for beginners here BBJP :wink:
  14. You mean we don't have to pay by the letter?

    I knew I should have just posted "line up"
  15. Yep, this guy really did make himself look like an arrogant tw@t! I know where he was coming from however he must have only scraped through on his letter writing bit for his Yeomans course. I think what he was trying to say was that due to Pay2cut, he was unable to receive the correct pay grade on his payslip and therefore had to collect cash alongside the cash paid debtor soldiers which could tarnish his image as a SNCO.

    Still a prat though...