Upskirting Bill blocked by errant MP.


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I don't think that's the correct analysis of the situation but crack on blaming everything on snowflakes :mrgreen:
You're wrong - again in this case.
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Right, and revoked consent after the fact too. eg; some weirdo´s who do this sort of thing consent to it happening, two years later they revoke consent and the person who took the photo is automatically a nonce.
No, they would not automatically become a nonce for having taken a photo when consent was in place

Consenting to have the photo taken allows it to be taken, and there can be terms on what to do with the photo afterwards
Revoking consent later on allows the terms to change ..... eg you must now delete and no longer use the photo
Or you can take her photo, due to being in a relationship then at the end she can require you to delete

However if the ‘model’ lies and claims consent was never given then that would be a different matter - not revoked but a lie
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He was interviewed by Nick Ferrari on LBC this morning and put up a good defence for his action (ie some private members bills get passed into law without proper scrutiny or debate) BUT he shot himself in his bollox by saying he had not read the bill and he didn't know what upskirting was!

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