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Reading through a scintillating thread posted by Sergei - I noticed that he managed to quote TheOriginalPhantom before he had even posted. Is it Freaky Friday?

Oi, flash, its already been covered and fixed, well once GCO was aware of the problem he stopped it happening again. (that and Sergi and I are time travellers)
While I would love to get stuck in for "not reading blah..." - I actually deleted the thread in question so can't blame you. Bugger.

We changed server yesterday afternoon and as the change of address has filtered through the internet, people have been using different servers depending on how quick their particular part of the internet got the news.

Making the odd mistake as I do, I didn't check that the clocks were the same, so people who posted from Server B after posts made on server A, appeared to have posted before them. It took an hour or so to shake itself out, although there would still have been an occasional peculiarity as there is still about 20 seconds difference between the two.

To summarize: don't worry about it. It'll go away.
just a thought ...

don't delete threads like this or the one from yesterday but simply close them

so others can still read it and won't ask the same question again
and you won't have to skip through funny comments ;)

as said before ... just a thought good_co
Leaving them open may be useful in the event of a similar incident, for example when there have been problems with the front page. one thread for all front page problems may be easier, of course that would mean having to check a thread every time anyone posts on it....

(PS I get paid to abuse the snail, she likes it - which explains an awful lot)

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